National Prayer Strategy: Day 2

DAY 2: 9 DECEMBER 2017

Psalm 24, 3-4a ”Who shall go up into the mountain of the Lord? Or who shall stand in His Holy Place? He who has clean hands and a pure heart.”

Out of the purity or impurity of our hearts we execute the works of our hands, which the Lord then assesses as clean or unclean. If our hands are clean, the Holy Spirit can work through us and build a nation through many holy hands that align with righteousness, goodness, mercy, our wisdom and true justice.

When our hands remain unclean and we carry no godly fruit on our works, the Holy Spirit cannot land on us and work through our hands to bless others through us. Our very own sin blocks the Spirit of Holliness and leaves us stuck in our habitual sin, which blocks the land and its people from experiencing being reconciled back into the Father’s plan.

Let us ask the Holy Spirit to show us how we handle each other, whether our works are self-seeking and self-preserving at the cost of others. Do our works demonstrate what Jesus would want us to do, so that our Father in Heaven can be praised? (Matt 5:16). This can only happen if we allow the Holy Spirit to shine His light onto and through us. Let’s deeply repent and deal with our self-justification and fleshly ways so that we can clean our hands and sanctify our works to the Lord.


Our Father in Heaven, please forgive me for all the unclean works that I now take responsibility for, I repent for every time when I behaved in a fleshly way. Forgive me for every situation in my life that had to do with other people, no matter what tribe, color or culture, where the works of my hands were unclean. Forgive me and my generations for our haughty and self-righteous works. Forgive us for every time when we protected, fed, nurtured and accepted only those who suited us and we turned our backs and abandoned others who did not hold any benefits for us. Please purify our hands from exploiting and abusing and neglecting each other and not submitting our hands to Your Holy Spirit to lead us. Cleanse our DNA and teach us how to listen for Your Voice and follow it. In Jesus’s Name I pray, Amen.