Why Fast and Pray?

  • To open the heavens over South Africa
  • To dedicate our nation back to God
  • For ungodly leaders to be removed, that righteous leadership may be raised to take their place

  • For the voices of the righteous to be heard in parliament
  • The Spirit of Islam, Isis, Boko Haram be nullified & completely uprooted in this land.  Pray & cancel out the plans of any new Mosques to be erected in your community.
  • Praying against all STRUCTURE’S promoting ANARCHY, they will be utterly destroyed, in parliament, in education, against unionism promoting strikes in our country.
  • Pray against all forms of RACIAL HATRED, and Xenophobia!
  • Pray for a viable ECONOMIC Solution for all South African’s to prosper.
  • Pray for your Pastor, your church community, that the Gospel will be preached unhindered in our cities and country.

Basic prayers are posted here as reference.


The Principles of Fasting

Isaiah 58:6-8: “…to break the bonds of wickedness, that light may shine forth!”

  1. Principle of sacrifice, taking time to sacrifice on your flesh, your time to pray, time you could devote to other things.
  2. Principle of separation of your flesh, your time and those aspects you are praying for.
  3. Fast as you are led, whether it be a water fast, a Daniel fast, or commencing a fast by sacrificing that which your flesh loves most.

May you be RICHLY BLESSED and REWARDED, as we begin our fasting campaign, 1st OCTOBER 2014!