Week 33 – Governmental Prayer Watch

Click here to download Prayer Points: 16 – 22 March 2020

  1. Fear and Panic – Coronavirus

Pray distraction over the media, as they are the vehicle the enemy is using to spread fear and panic.  We pray for other leading stories to distract from this story.  We continue to pray for our nation to be properly educated and prepared, for the virus to have minimal effect. Psalm 46:2, Psalm 91

  1. Acceleration of Truth/Prosecutions

The leadership, the removal of those who are not qualified for office. The strength/protection for those who are working to restore our state. We continue to pray supernatural

  1. T. Refugee Crisis –

We are trusting God for amicable solutions to this crisis, from the side of Government and the refugee’s themselves. We need supernatural intervention in this matter.  We need a strategy, with sustainable results, that  these people can live in peace and stability. Fear and Panic – Coronavirus  Lev. 27:19 Nehemiah 10:1-27

  1. For a swift move in the formation of a STRONG CIVIL RIGHTS              MOVEMENT, to facilitate a new form of governance in our nation.  A movement that will protect the generations to come  29:2 Psalm145:4