Week 23 – Governmental Prayer Watch

27 October – 3 Nov. 2019: Click here to download Week 23 prayer points


Scripture:  Jes 22:15-25  & Prov 16:18

This is a topic that stays close to the heart of God. We see all the in-fighting and the results of bad leadership is certain government institutions and spheres. Power struggles within political parties remains.  South Africans get disheartened by all of this as it seems like these struggles for power and entitlement remains the main focus, whilst service delivery and the needs of the citizens falls by the wayside.

This week God is warning political leaders whose self-interest outweigh their elected position of servanthood.  Self-serving political leaders will be removed and be replaced with his choice, says the Lord.  It is time that true servanthood be restored in government and semi-government organisations.  God is calling up leaders with a true father-heart.  They will not make empty promises; they will decide things and implement it.  God’s heart for our country and government is to succeed.


Scripture:  Prov 29:15; Ps 147:13

The children in schools are also the generation that will lead our country in the future.  Let’s pray specifically for the matrics of this year, that they will be successful in their studies and that it will put them in a position to positively contribute to the South African society and the South African economy.  They are our future and our strength.

Let’s pray for their protection during the exams, for no load shedding interruptions or protest action interruptions during the matric exam.  May each matric learner be in the best position to excel in the exams.

Over the past two to three months there was an alarming number of children who were involved in serious physical attacks on co-learners and in some instances, children were murdered by other children in our schools.

There is a general lack of discipline and respect in schools between learners and between learners and teachers.  The Lord is saying that not disciplining children is not doing them any favours.  May the foundations of respect, discipline and love be restored in our schools. Let’s pray for bravery and wisdom for our teachers that they will restore and instil these basic principles within our school system.


Scripture:  1 Tim 1:19b

Let us use the prophetic words that was / is spoken over South Africa as weapons of warfare and make declarations in the spirit and let us rejoice over God’s plans for South Africa (Sef 3:9-)

  1. In South Africa we will leave tranquil, undisturbed lives, because we pray for every political leader and representative; (1 Tim 2: 2)
  2. We declare that a true non-racial South Africa is not only possible, but is our inheritance in Jesus (Ps 133:1 and Rom 10:12) and that we will be blessed as a result thereof (Ps 133:3b)
  3. God will bless our economy in such a manner that South Africashall lend to many nations, but South Africa shall not borrow; and our country shall rule over many nations, but they shall not rule over you (Deut 15:4-6)
  4. Our police force will be so effective that we shall not live in fear (Zep 3:13) but we shall live in peace and safety (Ps 4:8).
  5. Prosperity, peace, righteousness and justice is our portion.
  6. We will have leaders with a true farther-heart that will declare a thing and implement it (Jes 22:15-25).