Week 22 – Governmental Prayer Watch

20 October – 27 October 2019: Click here to download Week 22 prayer points

Good day South Africa, it has been a very difficult week for our nation  BUT in it all God always prevails, through the effective fervent prayers of a RIGHTEOUS PEOPLE!  This week we want to pray for the following:

  1. Eskom: Amos 7:7-8, Isaiah 43:19,

This state enterprise is critical to the economy of our nation.  The enemy is really trying his best to undo all the economic breaktrhoughs we have been experiencing as a nation.  We pray againsst inteference, agianst sabotage, praying for the directors and their families.  May God move to bring ORDER and STABILITY in this enterprise.

  1. Factional Battles: Prov. 28:16-18, Psalm 7:9

Our parties are plagued with Power Struggles, Tribal battles and absolute corruption.  These parties are anti clean governance, anti justice, anti fair governance and so much more.  Please continue to pray for a NEW ORDER OF GOVERNANCE in our nation.  For leaders who will not be BOUGHT and for those whose hearts are for our nation.

  1. Police: Nehemiah 5:13, Heb. 12:27

It is so distressing to know tha our top leadership in the police are aligned with various political factions.  This is the very reason many cases of corruption are not being brought to court.  Top level criminals are being protected.  We interceed and put our petitions before heaven that God would SUPERNATURALLY REPLACE every corrupt policeman and woman.  From the TOP LEADERSHIP down, may each policeman be prosecuted and replaced.. Let us press in for these cases particularyly the VBS Bank… for JUSTICE to come to these that are so deeply affected by this corruption.

Please send us your prayer testimonies, places you have prayed at, experiences you may want to share, we would love to have them recorded. As a team we thank God for you and for your sacrifice in our nation.

Janet and the “SABACK TO GOD TEAM” 
Email: janet@sabacktogod.co.za