Week 21 – Governmental Prayer Watch

14 October – 20 October 2019: Click here to download Week 21 Prayer points

The Lord reminds us of our authority as believers and encourages us that what we see for the nation and declare is what will surely come to pass (Mark 11:23, Psalms 149:6-9).

These are the prayer points for this week:

1. Economy: declare “turn-around” to the national economy. We prayed a while back, that the Lord would provide wisdom and guidance on how to rejuvenate the economy. We give Him praise for the Minister Tito Mboweni’s plan of action, and the recently deployed Presidential Economic Advisory Council. Indeed, these are His instruments to effect the much needed turn-around:

  • Ask for supplies/resources – “hands and feet” as well as funds to put action to the plans and strategies they devise (1 Kings 5:6-8, Luke 14:28).
  • Now pray that there will be no delay in their work (Nehemiah 6:1-4,16; Isaiah 60:22)

2. Criminality and Violence: Please continue to take a firm stand in the spirit, against criminality and violence in all its forms (Isaiah 60:18):

  • Too many are broken by the spirit of fatherlessness. Repent for the land and pray that God would reverse fatherlessness, raising up true men to raise up other men. This is part of His plan to reverse the scourge of gender-based violence (Psalms 147:3, 68:5, Romans 8:15-16)

3. Leadership/ governance: there is a prevailing wind of change that is crafting our political landscape. It is the wind of the Spirit of God. He alone chooses kings, sets them up and deposes them in His times (Daniel 2:21).

  • It is the Lord who will settle the disputes in all spheres of leadership in the country (Isaiah 2:4, Acts 1:15-26, Lamentations 3:37).
  • Continue to pray for His stewards that He is raising to positions of leadership in the country – especially the process of choosing the new deputy Public Protector (1 Samuel 16:10-11, Acts 9:15)