Week 14 – Governmental Prayer Watch

26 August – 01 September 2019: Click here to download Week 14 prayer points

1. The Judiciary

Psalm 91, 2 Cor.10:3-4

  • We continue to pray for the personal safety and mental stability of the Judiciary. Much Demoniac pressure is against them and their families. May God uphold them at this
  • Pray for their workload to decrease and only cases with merit to be brought to the courts. Without a judiciary that has a “sound mind” enabling sound decision making and judgmments rendered the state is lost, our nations future and our generations are atstake!

2. Tribalism/Factionalism

Daniel 4:17/ Romans 13:4

  • We ask God to come and render his righteous judgements against all governing officials/party members who are giving themselves to the spirit of division and factionalism, which is dividing good.
  • Pray for the fear of God be released on the institution ofgovernance, and the reveation that we are stewards with each mandate in our hands, and that it is God who promotes anddemotes….

May God change the concept of my rights as a tribal party politician to a dedicated civil servant.

3.New Order Governance

Daniel 2:21/22 – Eccl 3:1

  • An application to have South Africa’s electoral laws amended to expressly allow independent candidates to stand in the national elections has been loddged in the High Court. This would give the electorate the freedom to elect their own candidates. When the church takes up its governmental mandate we will see candidates elected that will BRING NEW STANDARDS IN GOVT!
  • Pray for the courts to render a SWIFT judgement in the indpendent candidatesFAVOUR!