Week 12 – Governmental Prayer Watch

5 August – 11 August 2019: Click here to download Week 12 prayer points

Dear South African citizen

We urge everyone of you to participate in the government prayer watch.  This prayer initiative has been launched to undergird and support our government through these difficult times.  As we all know the future of our nation is at stake, God has a mandate for SA, and unless the church takes its place in the Spirit and legislates from the Spirit, we will not witness a change in our nation.

This week we are praying for:

  1. Economic reform _ Deut. ch. 28

Our country has been cursed in its provision, we are the laughing stock of the world.  SA needs strong economic reform, increased investment, jobs, a strong work ethic and appreciative people.  Pray for the change in mindset from greed to equality, from entitlement to appreciation and from laziness to an industrious workforce.

  1. Party vs Country – Exodus 22

Here we need to pray for the President and his cabinet to have the nation on their hearts before the party.  Civil servants are called firstly to serve the nation and not their parties, not their interests.  May God bring a reversal of the pattern we are witnessing at present.

  1. Judicial independence – Deut. 1:17; 16:18

The book of Exodus describes how Moses appointed the Judges for the Israelite tribes.  They were to be men of honour, that would serve the people well.  Our judiciary is under server strain from those that would capture it for their evil purposes.  God has appointed Chief Justice Mogeng Mogoeng and he is a man of God that stands for truth, pray for his staff and appointees to be of the same calibre and spirit as him.  Pray for the REMOVAL of those that will not stand for righteous justice.


Besides the revolutionary political parties that are functioning in our nation, there is a growing trend among the youth and unemployed to take up arms.  Many of these movements have these ideologies in socialism, marxism and other false belief systems.  Some are propagated by RACIAL HATRED.  As prayer warriors, we need to CANCEL their PLANS and their intended PURPOSES. The formation of their bases is often rooted in OCCULT WITCHCRAFT… consulting with the DARK WORLD.  These are the spirits that are trying to control our nation, and its people.  We have to STAND UP against this and TAKE THE LAND that they are endeavouring to control.  Arise, WARRIORS, Arise.

Our team at Governmental prayer watch encourages churches, small groups, and all other South Africans who have a burden for this nation to set time aside for the redemption of this SA.

FUTURE PRAYER EVENTS:  we will be leading a 3 day FAST from 12th-14th August for our nation. Our website www.sabacktogod.co.za will have more details, we invite you to prepare yourselves for this time.