Week 11 – Governmental Prayer Watch

29 July – 4 August 2019: Click here to download Week 11 prayer points

Dear Intercessor,

Herewith the prayer points for this next week. Once again we thank God for you and your participation for our SA Government. Our purpose is to witness a Kingdom Govt established in SA, which will take place by the faithful prayers of the saints.


This is a prayer or the voices of the Kingdom minded reformists to be heard in parliament and within the parliamentary committees. Pray for boldness and courage for these men and woman. Pray for their words to be heard, for decisions to be made along the counsel of these voices. God is surely wanting to elevate these voices, as the future of a nation can only succeed on the voice of the righteous and the wise. May God write His laws on the heart of this nation, by writing them on the heart of Kingdom minded politicians. Jeremiah 31:33.


It is of great concern to me, as I have been praying over these voices that are promoting revolution in SA. God gave me a vision of a principality and power that is slowly taking the minds and hearts of our nation, it is making the most impact on the poor. Together with their strategies of brainwashing, war and witchcraft they are gaining ground. This is a slow process, but an effective process, as over time people are being conditioned to these voices. The hope we have is in our God, that Almighty God, would come down and confuse their works, their plans and their voices. We MUST CONTINUE to give this item the most earnest prayer. I encourage you to please FAST & PRAY as to the break up of this movement. God showed me clearly He would disband the movement, just as He did the tower of Babel. Genesis 11:1-9.


This chapter 9 institution has been put in place for defending the poor and the helpless. To a large extent, It has been derailed from its original purpose. The director of this institution, Advocate Mkwebane, is clearly not displaying independence in her mandate, continuing her business without fear or favor. It is in the interests of the future of this nation, that if she cannot be independent, that God would remove her. Pray for her eyes to be opened, and that the sinister forces controlling her would abate, if she should not turn, we ask God to remove her. Pray that God would remove all the rot in this institution. Eccl. 12:13-14

May God’s grace continue to guide and protect you as your prayers impact heaven for our beloved S.A.

Kind regards