Vision & Purpose – Governmental Prayer

Praying for South Africa


  1. Governmental
  • To raise up a company of governmental prayer warriors specifically called to interceed for the South African government.
  • The long term vision is to facilitate a new order of government in SA.A government that is reperesentative of the Kingdom of God, with a CYRUS as the President of this nation
  • All warriors to dedicate one day of FASTING per week for this vision to manifest.
  1. Watchman
  • To identify and raise up watchmen in every city and town in our nation
  1. Tear down altars (Spiritual Warfare)
  • To raise up teams in each province to identify and tear down any altars that rise up.


  1. Governmental
  • To raise up teams in cities, and provinces who will pray for their city and their provincial governments.
  • Teams to pray at their local government offices
  • Teams to establish connections with their local government and parliamentary offices
  • Teams to dedicate one day of FASTING per week to facilitate these changes
  1. Watchman
  • Teams to act as watchmen for their city and their province, thereby monitoring the spiritual climate over the city and province
  1. Tear down altars (Spiritual Warfare)
  • To raise up teams who after altars have been identified know how to do spiritual warfare and tear any ungodly altars down.
  • To raise up provincial task teams for each province.

A vision of a South African prayer mountain was seen in the spirit realm.  It will be the consistent fasitng and prayers of the Saints that will penetrate the spirit realm over this nation.  SA is at a tipping point and we need change, sooner than later.

NB:This does NOT replace all the prayer networks and initiatives that are already in place in our nation. Everyone has got their place and is doing a phenomenal work across our nation.

In order to fulfil this vision quickly and effortlessly please complete the following form at

From the details provided we will be able to coordinate and activate this vision quickly and effortlessly.

SA back to God and Dr Frost plan to provide training and help in mobilising this vision, therefore we need your assistance in co-ordinating this vision.

God Bless you, we love you and thank God for you.


SA back to God
Dr Arthur Frost