Vision & Mission

In May 2014, God spoke directly to Janet Brann Hollis giving her a prophetic word for the country of South Africa. The outcome of this word was that people from 157 nations participated in this 21 day fast (read more about it here). As a result of this campaign the vision has grown in Janet’s heart. With confirmation of the various prophetic words from leading Apostolic & Prophetic voices, Janet has now launched the campaign – “SOUTH AFRICA BACK TO GOD”.


A Kingdom initiative for the purpose of restoring South Africa back to God, in its values and beliefs.


Mobilising the body of Christ, bringing an Apostolic/Prophetic intercessors, all 5 fold ministries, marketplace ministers and kingdom minded people together, to stand in unity, for the purpose of restoring South Africa back to God.


  • Kingdom minded entity/church/business etc. will participate in a fast on the first WEDNESDAY of each month, commencing on 1st October 2014
  • Each entity must decide by the leading of the Spirit as to what Portfolio they will pray and fast over (see SA Presidential Portfolio below)
  • Prayer guides will be published on this website and on our facebook page for the purpose of praying strategically
  • Prayer groups must be divided into the following: Entry level prayer - those who are committed to pray for South Africa, Participating level prayer - those committed to fasting and prayer, Strategic intercession - high level warfare, prophetic intercession
  • Provide feedback/prophetic words as to what God is saying, so as to publish these words and testimonies
  • Giving feedback so as the body may pray in unity, praying the heart of God for the nation