29 March 2017

Dawn Barkhuizen: Appeal for prayer: Jacob Zuma plans to fire the Finance Minister, the Deputy Finance Minister and the head of the National Treasury. He wants to appoint compliant cronies so that no-holds barred looting of the state can take place by ramming through a host of dodgy deals like the Sassa deal And far worse before he retires as ANC president (not state president) in December. If he gets rid of the principled finance/treasury gatekeepers in our nation we will be rendered bankrupt and become a failed state.

This bitter battle has been under way since December 2015 when Zuma was forced to retract the appointment of Gupta croney Des van Rooyen as Finance Minister and appoint Pravin Gordhan. The battle has climaxed and such appointments could take place, even today (after Kathrada funeral). My simple message to Christians is this: there are very big and ugly giants trying to throttle the life out of our land.  We can take them, but it requires all of us the church to urgently get up and contend.