Prophetic Word – Cindy Jacobs

17 May 2018

Africa, Africa, Africa, the Continent of Pentecost. And the Lord says I am going to visit with My power.  And the Lord says, yes, there are many dialects, there are many languages, but the Lord says, but when Pentecost came and they were filled with the Power of the Holy Spirit, they all spoke in a language people knew.

The Lord says, do you believe that nothing is impossible to Me?

Can I save a continent?

Can I do a quick work, can I come like a wind and the fire?

And the Lord says, you feel and you know that many have been saved, but you are concerned about mixture and there is mixture in the church and there is mixture in society and in power. But I am getting ready to show that I Am the Great I Am, and not the great I was.
I am coming with such authority, such anointing and I am raising up young evangelists, young fired grads, filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, and they will preach in the streets of Johannesburg and they are going to preach in the streets of Cape Town and they are going to preach in their villages.
For I am coming like a mighty, rushing wind to touch the millennial, Generation Z, the next generation, the greatest generation Africa has ever known has been born. It is a revival generation.

And the Lord would say over South Africa, yes there are many challenges, but none are too great for Me, for you have reached a tipping point. But I say that I have reached a tipping point and I am going to begin to change things in these nations in ways that you cannot imagine, you cannot dream what I am going to do. For I will call this nation a reconciled nation.

And the Lord says, if you will be a reconciled church first, the whole nation will be reconciled. I call on the church to reconcile.

And the Lord says, you are going to see a diversity come in a powerful way, greater than you can imagine. And it won’t be black and white, but the Lord says I am going to bring together a kingdom people, citizens of heaven. As My church reconciles and walks in My love, says the Lord, the nation will follow.

Do you believe?

He is waiting for a people to believe.
And the Lord says not only am I going to change some things, but the Lord says the land is groaning, I see there are some things where there has been a lot of bloodshed and the land is groaning. But My people’s tears are healing the land, the fasting and the praying and the crying out and breaking ancient curses and ancient pain and (oh I was listening to you Dr Frank Chikane, and I am just weeping for what you have been through.  Apartheid, I am just so, so embarrassed as a white person, I am so embarrassed and I am so sorry.)

But the Lord says, I will cause a reconciliation. And the Lord says this EMPOWER21 meeting is very critical to this reconciled church.  And the reconciled church will bring a restoration to the nation.  And the Lord says, if you look to Me to give what has been broken and lost and you don’t look to man to do your restoration, but you call upon heaven to do the restoration, I am going to start prospering people who have been stolen from, people who have been robbed from, people who have had years robbed from them and even their families family. The things that could have been and done, if it wasn’t for apartheid, if it wasn’t for the racism.  But I will do it from heaven and no man can fool Me. Amen.