Tina Malan: I trusted the Lord to take care of our daily bread at this time and yesterday He provided as someone paid money into my account. The amount is more than enough en sufficient to cover daily bread and other bigger expenses. He is our Father. All the glory to Him.

Mary Anne: Thank you very much for your morning prayer teachings on SABacktoGod, they have been the highlight of the day for me for the past 3 weeks. I think I speak for everyone who participated when I say that we  were all  tremendously blessed and learned so much from you. May God bless you and your husband, expand your ministries and use you both mightily to bring His plans and purposes to pass in SA. Much appreciation…

Janette Edgar: Last week you prayed for learning problems and wow, wow. I have two laat lammetjes still at home. Both were diagnosed with ADHD long ago (tested) and it has been an uphill battle at our ripe age and costing us a lot of nerves, time and also finances and moving schools etc. Today I see a complete turnaround in my house. Rebekah 17, said she will now complete her assignments well ahead of time and the little one Julie 13 is sitting without prompting working at her homework and also told me that she no longer feels angry. I can see such a change it’s remarkable.

Can’t thank you enough for this fast and fb time with you in the morning. My husband (also joined, which is so unusual) wow, wow May God richly bless you, as only He knows how and see you in the morning. The books just arrived too. Thank you, can’t wait to dive in. Much appreciation and blessings…

Ethel Lottering: I just want to share my testimony as I mentioned last week. With events and circumstances leading up to last week Sunday, I knew I had to get to church, I felt a desperation in my spirit and knew only true collective worship would break the way I felt. My husband had his 2nd CVD vaccine the day before after waiting way too long after the 1st shot in Sept last year. He had CVD very, very severely in June 2020, he felt like he was going to die. Needless to say he felt too sick to go to church. In my desperation I got angry with him because I didn’t want to go alone and fell deeper into what felt like a dark hole of depression, anger, helplessness and being drawn into an abyss which I couldn’t get out of.

The strange thing is I could feel myself being drawn into the darkness, being overwhelmed by the sense of destitution, that I wasn’t loved by the Lord, that He has forgotten about me, I didn’t matter to Him. All the fasting, praying, believing, holding on, holding out for change over and over again just didn’t matter.  I even wanted to reach out to my brother whom is an agnostic and whom has found an alternate route which is probably new age. And then Monday morning came!! Hallelujah!! Janet the prayers that have gone out since last week Monday, I feel, saved my life and brought about change, restoration and joy that I have not felt in a long, long while. Hope has been restored, this fast quickly became the most significant fast I have ever done. We went to a prayer meeting on Saturday with Kari & Anton Smith as well and I can just say God is good, His diary is perfectly timed for events and circumstances playing out in our lives, because He planned to meet us there, in our darkest hour. Praise to God and thank you Janet for this opportunity. 🙏🙌

Ina Human: I just want to add to my testimony as send to you on 2nd Feb.Day 21 of the fasting, I was 7:00 on the plane flying to George. During one of the prayer sessions God reveal to you that there is a person who has a problem with the right side of their body and that the Lord is healing you. I immediately  put my hand on these parts and claim it and gave thanks to the Lord. I had pain in my right knee, hip and kidney. Glory to God Almighty. My husband, Johan is not saved and was very concerned about this fasting. I had to cook for him and sat with him at the table while he ate his food. Because of him complaining I decided to stop fasting. Fast two meals and ate with him one meal. God reveal again to you and you said: “Do not stop fasting.” Praise the Lord, I explained it to him and continue to fast. Thank you very much, Janet, then I had a total breakthrough.

Three and a half years God laid it on my heart to start to pray with women whose partners are not Saved. As I felt so lonely at times, because I can not share my believes and revelations with my husband, so are they. We have had such Godly moments in God’s presence and I believe breakthrough is coming for myself and all these ladies. Thank you for your Godly Prophetical teachings and prayers.

Madelein Vangeel: My son is 28 years old and is a fully qualified QS.  On 12 January all the workers at the company were informed that the company was going to close down by the end of January. Besides the car which stayed away for 5 months and which was a desperate need (I fetched it last Saturday. Such a blessing.) I also diarized my son’s crisis as an urgent prayer point  on 17 January. The company where he worked was in such big trouble that he left without a salary – nothing whatsoever. In the Eastern Cape vacancies in the construction business is hard to find unless one can be recommended mouth-to-mouth as they say.  For the past 3 weeks I’ve been praying and assist in surfing through all possible jobseekers and headhunters sites.

Unexpectedly one of his colleagues, a construction manager, arranged an interview for both of them at a company from which the director is known to the latter. The interview was dissapointing as the employer had much more interest in the contruction manager than in my son as a QS.  In the meantime I kept believing that God was going to supernaturally provide in a job.  I refused to give up and I decree that on 1 Febr he would have a new job. On Tuesday, 1 Febr., that same company called him back for a second interview.  He left there with a little bit of hope as no definite service contract was discussed yet. On Wednesday afternoon he was called in for a third time and the company made him an offer.  My son had to answer on that offer on Thursday morning already.  In the meantime between Tuesday and Wednesday 2 other companies showed interest.  Eventually he had a difficult decision to make as the other 2 companies still had to interview him.

At that stage my son did not know if the other companies would make a better offer. On Wednesday afternoon I asked God to give him the wisdom to make the best decision. When he phoned me on Wednesday afternoon he was still so confused.  At 18:00 Wednesday night I got a whatsapp that he is starting on Monday at the company where he went back three times the past week. The Holy Spirit lead him in such a wonderful way to call off the other 2 interviews and with a sound mind from his knowledge about all 3 companies he came to the conclusion that the first one will be most to the benefit of his future career. God answered my prayers to the finest detail.  Everything that I asked for was provided.  My son is better off than previously with more incentives, etc. When I went to tell my husband the good news I shouted:  WHAT A MIGHTY GOD WE SERVE!!!!! Bless you