National Fast: 17 January – BUSINESS & ECONOMY

Each one must arise and go everyday into the business realm and gather what God is providing! Psalms 104:27 states that God is the provider and we are those that must gather in what He is providing! The gospel of the Kingdom has the power to break poverty out of a society and individuals when it is believed!


  1. Pray for our present finance minister, integrity, wisdom and for responsibility in putting the needs of the country first! As he balances the books of this nation!
  2. Pray for all state capture monies to be returned
  3. Pray for the business sector to realize their responsibility in changing society, through wealth creation, praying against greed.
  4. Pray for rain in western cape, thousands of jobs must be preserved!
  5. Pray for REFORMERS of great influence to occupy and lead corporations, organs of state and SME’S!


Pray against a poverty mindset

  1. Ask God to increase your budget for giving to His kingdom sow more, you reap more
  2. Thank God daily that He has given you the POWER/ABILITY to create wealth
  3. Declare fear is not your friend….
  4. Fast for debt cancellation

I see many are looking to their work situation as their source of income! This is bringing fear, anxiety and much stress in you. God is saying I will do a new thing, create new streams of income for you as you will seek me during this time! I am your only source, wait in me and significant doors will open!

1. 1 Timothy 2:2
2.  Deut  15:4
3.  Deut 15:6
4. Deut 8:18
5. Prov 10:22