Join the Fast Campaign: What Are We Praying For?

As we approach the 2019 general election, SA is at a decisive tipping point, a point with two optional outcomes:

A nation on the brink of being sold into the hands of facist dictators, communism, hatred and racism, moral degradation and hopelessness.

 On the other hand a great, great wave of God’s transformational glory is building up and is about to break over this land. It is a wave of dimensions never seen before, a tsunami reaching up and filling the space between heaven and earth, releasing Kingdom influence which will penetrate and bring a new political order in this nation.

 God has also said ask of heaven! Ask of heaven, that collectively we may know the hope to which He has called us, that collectively we may know the riches of the glory of His inheritance in us and that collectively we may experience the immeasurable greatness of his power toward us who believe, according to his great might. Indeed, that we will experience the goodness of God in the land of the living!

There can be no question that we need to follow the path of holiness through fasting and sincere repentance.We need to clean our own hearts and to ask God to bring our leaders in government and the church to true repentance. We also need, as a nation, to repent of our present hostile posture towards Israel. South Africa needs to return its ways to God and its heart to Israel.

We are calling men and women from all spheres of the Kingdom to access these prayer points as a guideline for this fasting season. Please feel free to be led by the spirit, adding revelation that God may have shown you for this time. In unity we stand in agreement praying the following:


  • For SA to be realigned to its true destiny, call and kingdom purpose;
  • For the kingdom of God to become fully manifest across the length, breadth and height of SA;
  • For a profound and increasing awakening among believers as to their vital role and responsibility in ushering in a just and godly government – and maintaining it.

This will require that South Africans are awakened in a number of areas:

  • That we are ALL awakened to the plight of the next generation should SA continue along an ungodly trajectory;
  • That we are ALL fully awakened to the dangers of division and self interest;
  • That we ALL grasp the need to be transformed into a united nation of patriots – a people that genuinely honours their homeland and put its interests above traditional political camps;
  • That South Africans become active citizens, fully alive to their responsibilities in their affairs of this nation – including the need to vote; and
  • As voters we need to seek God for His choice of candidate, not to be led by political rhetoric but by the voice of God.

Please download below ELECTION Prayer Points in PDF format

SA Courts of Heaven Prayer Points for SA Elections.pdf

24 Prayer Points for Elections