National Fast: 15 January – GOVERNMENT

Governments are put in place for the purpose of facilitating a judicial system which enables its citizens to live in peace and stability. However, our president and government has not fulfilled their mandate! In fact the very opposite has taken place.


  1.  The ruling party which is leading our government, leaders that honour and are God fearing.
  2. For LOCAL GOVERNMENTS, for stability within coalitions, in order that city governance may go on unhindered. For hidden agendas to be exposed, corruption and
  3. Praying against ANARCHY, and those perpetuating it.
  4. The MUSLIM STRONGHOLD, we petition you oh God, that you would remove and tear down every stronghold, every leader. Destroy every training camp, and terrorist activity.
  5. RACISM, we call for REVIVAL in our land, for this stronghold to be destroyed.

1. Proverbs 29:2
2. Peter 2:10
3. Isaiah 9:6
4. Romans 13:6
5. Obadiah 1:21