Prophetic Words Over S.A

In this season the Lord is calling the Church in SA to arise and to declare and herald all the words of prophecy that have been released over the Nation in recent years. The Lord is ready to perform His word, He is looking for those who will believe and stand on the side of the Lord. The Lord has chosen the Church to lead in this season. He has given Her the grace to govern.  For too long the baby has been in the birth canal, it is time for the Church to bring forth. It is time to birth the move of the Spirit in SA, there has never been a better time than this. As evil is abound grace is abound and God is raising the standard. The Church must not be quiet when She hears what the enemy is planning to do, She must rise and refute the plan of the enemy and proclaim what the Lord has said He will do in SA.

Herewith please find the summarised versions of some of the prophecies to herald to, to declare, to proclaim, to utter over the Nation of SA in this season.

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Make the word of the Lord known, share it with your family friends and colleagues, speak it and post it on every platform.  Speak the word of the Lord with boldness knowing that the God who declared these things is well able to perform His word and that there will be fulfilment of those things which were spoken from the Lord.
(Psalm 89:34;Isaiah 46:8-11;48:3-6,20;55:10,11;Jeremiah 1:12;Luke 1:45 )


  1. The Lord has been visiting Nations but now He has visited SA
  2. He has sent Angels to help the Church in SA in this fierce war of His presence. The Angels arrived; they are here to work with the Church.
  3. The Land of SA is secure; do not fear what you hear or what you see.
  4. The river of healing, which is the move of the Holy Spirit to birth the revival has begun to flow in this nation bringing healing wherever it goes. South Africans are called to bring healing to the nations, “That is my healing and miracle power that will flow from South Africa to the rest of the world. It will start there. I have a plan and no one will stop me.”
  5. The fires of revival will soon breakout, the fire will spread to every Province and from SA it will spread to the whole Continent up to North of Africa and to the Nations of the World.
  6. A prayer movement is rising in this nation to birth a revival of prayer which will usher one of the greatest moves the world has ever seen. A prophetic word is going forth; an instruction is given to the people so they will undergird it in prayer. The word spoken in prophecy is going to be birthed in prayer and carried into a place of fulfilment.
  7. The revival will be birthed and sustained through prayer and worship. Songs of healing and restoration will be released in every Province; “The glory of Lord will arise over you South Africa and will be seen upon you because you are My glory bowl and your people are My glory vessels.”
  8. South Africans will go out to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to the whole world. When they go Africa will be saved and Africa will evangelize the world, and this initiative will start from South Africa.
  9. God is going to break corruption and root it out. He is going to send the power of His Spirit to crush those who do illegal things under legal pretences. Those who say it is legal to do evil will have no power to do that anymore.
  10. God is going to dismantle the works of the enemy. The church has a major role to play in all this. The Church will lead the process of change in the Nation.
  11. There will be no political party against this move of the Spirit of God. It will suddenly arise beyond political decisions. It is a non-partisan, Spirit-Led Movement.
  12. South Africans of every colour will join forces, and a people movement will arise which will keep the enemy out and push evil out. The movement of the people is growing in momentum and spirit. This movement is led by the Spirit. God is releasing a template and a model pattern of running the Nation to fulfil Her divine destiny showing the way to the rest of Africa and the world.
  13. There will be a change of government in this nation, for God will raise a godly man that will institute godliness in the laws of this country, godliness in prisons, godliness in our hospitals. The Spirit of the Lord will breath upon the people that have been oppressed, “ And I will turn this Nation towards Israel again, and I will breath upon this Nation and this giant shall be waken again. says the Lord.
  14. More people who serve and know the Lord will enter parliament. Healed, delivered and set free. The Church holds the major key in doing what needs to be done beginning now until the elections in 2019. In the Church, people’s minds are going to change, they will want to see the nation being blessed.
  15. God is restoring Hope in you South Africa so that you no longer need to fear anymore. The Spirit of Hope is released and is commanding the spirit of devastation, corruption and destruction to leave in Jesus name. Hope will rise in Africa and Africa will turn. The wind of the Spirit is coming, Africa is going to change and will become a clear model.
  16. South Africa will be a new Nation and new things are about to happen. It’s time to Arise. This is not the time to run out of South Africa. Do not let your heart be troubled, don’t flee; God is bringing knowledge back to this country.
  17. South Africa will rise again! The economy will turn around, become stronger, the wealth of the Nation will not be found in the pockets of the wicked, but rather it will be shared so all communities will rise. God will stabilize the South African currency; it will not go into free fall. God is the God of currencies, He holds the destinies of nations in His hands.
  18. In the next three years – 2017-2019 God is going to dismantle the power of the enemy and begin to usher in the Kingdom of God – Daniel 2:44-45 – “And in the days of these Kings the God of heaven will set up a Kingdom which shall never be destroyed; and the Kingdom shall not be left to other people; it shall break in pieces and consume all these Kingdoms, and it shall stand forever. In as much as you saw that the stone was cut out of the mountain without hands, and that it broke in pieces the iron, the bronze, the clay, the silver, and the gold – the Great God has made known to the King what will come to pass after this. The dream is certain, and it’s interpretation is sure.” 2017 is the year of the coming of God’s Government into South Africa – Isaiah 9:1-7.
  19. I am sending three angels in the year 2008 into the Continent of Africa, one shall be called the angel of Fire, the next shall be called the angels of Winds of the Lord and the third shall be called the angel of Judgement. The wind that I am bringing is a mighty wind, the Ruach of God. And the angels shall open the doors of heaven and allow my Spirit to blow from the North,South,East, and West. What shall this wind do? It shall blow every demon off this Continent of Africa. It will blow into the Nations that have oppressed Me. It will blow in the Nations and there will be a season of change.
  20. After 60 years of the so called liberation of Africa, the Lord has remembered you Africa to do you good; He has visited you to bring you out completely from the Babylonian system. On the other hand 2018 marks the completion of 70 years the establishment of the system of apartheid in South Africa. This is the season of the completion of the liberation of Africa. South Africa shall play a major role in the process of the liberation of Africa.
  21. The Vision seen at the Union Buildings on the 3/10/2017 During a time of wailing for the sins of the Nation and for the fulfilment of the prophecies over SA:

A clock hanging on the building with both arms of the clock on the number 12.
The Word of the Lord – “I hold the times and seasons in my hand. The time for this land has come and I have determined a season of transition in this Nation. What was before shall not be in the day to come for I have raised for Myself a new leadership after my pattern and order. A leadership that will be given spiritual authority and governance. Leadership that will understand and establish eldership pattern in the land. I will release resources and wealth upon them for my people. They shall be like shepherds in the land and My people will no longer oppressed. The vision you saw you saw speaks of the times that have been ordained by My Word over this Nation. Says the Lord!

“Get Ready South Africa for what is about to happen, says the Lord.” Get ready! Get ready! Get ready!

Note Well: The above are extracts have been taken from the prophecies, which were released, by the following Prophets and Apostles:

Kim Clement in 2008
Pastor Amaka Abe in 2011
Chuck Pierce and Apostle Kure in 2015 & 2016
Dr Jonathan David in 2016&2017
Pastor Mpho Mosoeu 3/10/2017
Prepared By Linda Gobodo