Prophetic Word from Cindy Jacobs for South Africa 28/06/1997

“I am bringing together a new sound. I will raise up a House of Prayer in every nation of Africa.

Even those that are most slow will look at what I am doing in Chad, Ivory Coast. I am going to move and God says I will astound you. I am going to change the balance of power and the Lord says, the government of Africa will be upon my shoulders. And even now, I am preparing a Godly man who will stand in the highest office of this Nation.

And the Lord says there are some who are in the office at this moment now, and it is in the balance for them, because the time of compromise is over says the Lord. And I will not be second place in your hearts or second place in your government and I will not share this land with another for the earth is mine says God. South Africa is mine and Africa is mine, says the Lord your God and I am sending the angels and they are coming from North, South, East and West and your prayers are displacing the powers of darkness. And the Lord says I am going to advertise My Glory as I reveal Myself as a God of Glory to Africa with signs and wonders. I am going to cause legs to grow where there are no legs. I am going to give within your churches, the local church such a miracle anointing, there will be crutches piled until they are 3 0r 4 feet deep.

I, the Lord, say: Make room for the harvest, your churches are too small, the buildings are too small, the places you thought were adequate are not adequate. For my eyes have gone to and fro looking for a people I could trust. I HAVE FOUND A REMNANT THERE. This is the womb of the Spirit says God. You are birthing, you are birthing the new thing and the enemy is fiercely angry and he has come down, but do not be intimidated for I say to you, you do not know how intimidating YOU are to his forces.

So rise up, says God. Arise and shine for the Light has come to Africa. Hallelujah!”

Cindy Jacobs