Prophetic Word for SA – Shawn Boltz

Shawn Boltz: Kingdom Come Conference
Christian Family Church Intl: 29 February 2020

Prophetic word for SA

God wants to make SA a benefactor. I believe that God is saying specifically to SA that He’s already hidden the wealth in the land. There’s already minerals that are deposited here that can solve the whole problem of the economy and its not even fully discovered yet.
There’s gonna be a sign post soon, I don’t know if it’s this year or next year, because there’s going to be some archeological digs of what’s buried deeper as far as minerals. There’s gonna be archeological digs of people who are using the resources for smart devices that are needed now in the sense of gold and that are needed now in the sense of the economy. So there’s going to be a public newspaper report of some sort of archeological findings that are gonna reveal the treasures that are buried deep.
I believe that the Lord isn’t looking at SA worried like ‘oh my gosh they have problems I can’t solve’ but He’s looking for people who will look at the nation through His eyes and see that the solution is already there. He is raising the bar of spiritual wisdom. He is raising the bar of wisdom and its not just for the church but for business industries and education. God has a plan and He has solutions and He’s going to start to do some things that don’t just take spiritual eyes to see but He’s going to start to report things. There’s going to be prominent Christians who are reported about for providing solutions and you gonna see this increase. It won’t just be a few. It’s going to be increase and then increase. There’s going to be secular reporting mechanisms that will start reporting on Christians who have solutions in politics and education and in some other areas as well, and they’re gonna share some of that story from a Christian perspective in secular media. And you will know as you see that it no longer takes eyes to see that He’s on the move but the society can see that God is doing something different and it may be super offensive to a lot of people because they don’t like Christianity. But the bottom line is that God is on the move and He’s about to take what’s going under current in this move and He’s about to put it on the surface of your nation, because in a very short period of time He wants to make this nation an influential nation that causes something to happen, where it feels like where you have Switzerland is kind of a neutral spot for banking for Europe and Singapore for Asia. I feel like SA is like a banking centre, a safe place where people can come and save. God has a safety plan over this nation. And we see a lot of the opposites right now but when we start to see in the Spirit the opposite is usually the enemy trying to pre-empt because you know whenever the light (Isaiah 60:1) comes on… That light was already in you, it’s in your DNA. And the enemy looks at you when you were born and he says ‘I have to kill you’ and he starts to arrange plans for you SA to kill you but God knew those plans too and He has provided a way out for you out of those plans as well. And I feel that this year will be a doorway out of what the enemy intended over whole generations in SA.

I want to bring a message of hope. I feel like there’s been a war over hope for, you know, 50 years, and God is saying ‘I already won the war’. I also believe that God is saying He’s going to raise up a generation of Nelson Mandela’s.
Some of you are actively coming into an authority because just like Elijah… I had a vision of Nelson Mandela in heaven with Jesus and out of heaven came a civil rights movement in this nation. It wasn’t just one Nelson voice. It was a generation that started to carry the DNA of reconciliation.

Regarding resources in SA – Whenever God authors something He will never let it return void and He will always bring the finishing grace.

There were some things spoken and dreamed about by the previous generation of Christians in this nation. Some things that were prophecied and dreamed about. God is saying it is time for the finishing work to push these all the way through so that there’s a firm foundation for this generation to rise up and see that happen. And I believe that the marketplace people are the forerunners of the next great move of God. Your the front-liners of what God’s going to be doing.

I think the church will of course be occupying a space of training and mentoring and nurturing but I feel like God is commissioning a lot of pastors to have a business as well. He’s commissioning business leaders into an appointment with the Spirit and it’s not just to make money so the church can grow, it’s an actual appointment in society to make Jesus famous.
I feel like He wanted to shift something between church leaders and business leaders, to where church leaders don’t just see business leaders as just benefactors because you’re now coming into your own ability to be benefactors. No more will business leaders say to church leaders ‘I need the same anointing that you’ve been commissioned with for my business industry.