Prophetic Dream – January 2015

This dream was submitted to our ministry, we publish it as we know the history and have a sound relationship with this prophetess, Nina. It is as follows:

I had awoke out of a dream this early morning. We were in a worship service and singing a song that I knew in the dream (a new song). I remember singing the words “Just a closer look, God” and I knew we were about to breakthrough into a new realm of glory. A speaker came on the podium, and as he preached, God began to speak to me, I understood from what He was saying, it is the plan of the enemy to keep the previous order/form in SA. I increased my intercession and suddenly another woman was singing the same song, she sang in Sotho! As she sang suddenly the floodgates of heaven opened. I awoke!
God is saying: we should just keep pressing in, the breakthrough into a brand new season is upon us! It is going to be a multi-race and -culture breakthrough like nothing we’ve experienced before if we press into with intimacy and unity.