Over these next six weeks I will redefine this land. Even though the enemy will make a great attempt to rise up recreating structures from the past angelic hosts are now on their way. Even though you see on the streets a lot of confusion I will even cause some to fall in the street representing the last season arising. It is now My desire for my glory to rise from the foot of this land of Africa and blow across the land and all nations will watch the workings and going on of My hands in SA. I have chosen this land for now. This role is for now. There will be a divine reversal in CT, in Pretoria, in Johannesburg. There is a movement now to realign this land. Watch as I begin to lead my people. Watch and listen carefully for my word will be heard throughout this land. It will be redefined within the next six weeks and a new covering will come to this land. I have put in motion a movement from heaven now that movement will begin to be seen in the earth realm. I have sovereignly gathered you to a place where a wrong cycle began and I now reverse that cycle, although you have never seen what My glory displays in this land I will begin to display my glory. SA has been destined from decades and I have longed to see a movement, a double fold move of my Spirit, and now it is beginning.

In the midst of this place we decree the new identity of SA will now arise.