26 January 2017

While in prayer the Lord began to highlight the nation of South Africa to me. I was shown a map of the world and suddenly the nation of South Africa began to illuminate light. I saw the years 2017-2020 and the Lord spoke and said, “I’m bring the nation of South Africa into the light, a crystal clear vision for blessing and prosperity.” I saw the words, RADICAL ECONOMIC TRANSFORMATION FOR THE NATION. I was brought into a large industrial building that was thriving and I asked the Lord, “What is this place?” The Lord said, “This is the nations manufacturing industry, I’m bringing it back!” The Lord says, “Import and export, your ports will thrive and come back to life.” I saw car companies from around the world coming to build cars in large automotive factories putting many people to work.

The word “INCLINE” came to me and I saw the currency in its current state and suddenly it began to rise, the currency is coming back from the dead. The resurrection power is upon the rand! The Lord also says, “There will be a changing of the guard.” I saw a new political party will take power as more governmental corruption is exposed in the current administration. Again I saw the word “INCLINE” and the phrase “Wine on the Incline”

The Lord spoke to me that the production of grapes will greatly increase in the nation the next several years. It will be a sign to the people of the new wine being released across the nation, a fresh move of the spirit is about to come!