National Prayer Strategy: Day 1

Join us as we release the “National Prayer Strategy” for December 2017

DAY 1: 8 DECEMBER 2017

Psalm 24:3-4a ”Who shall go up into the mountain of the Lord? Or who shall stand in His Holy Place? He who has clean hands and a pure heart.”

The Lord is calling us deeper into His ways. It is time to purify our hearts and clean our hands, to deal with falsehood and deceit. If we do not draw closer to Him to seek His face, we do not qualify to stand on God’s Holy Place, in the mountain of the Lord.

At such a time as now, Jesus Christ is looking for vessels of honour through which He can touch the country of South Africa and bring healing to deep brokenness and division. But know that this change starts with you and me. We need to purify ourselves through repentance and forgiveness. This journey starts with you inviting the Holy Spirit to show you the deception, pride, arrogance and self-justification that you carry in your heart, as have the generations before you, whose genes and DNA is in you.

Pray with me:
Jesus, I confess and repent on behalf of myself and the generations that I come from, that we have habitually followed and agreed with our own deceptive interpretations about You. We have justified our own ways of condemned the ways of others around us. We have stubbornly held onto the deceptions in our own hearts and justified to ourselves why we shouldn’t deal with it. Our hearts have become diseased and we have been blind to the impurities in our own hearts. Forgive us for this we pray, Lord Jesus. Matt 5:8 states that if we purify our hearts, we will see You, Lord Jesus. Please come and show us all the wrongful heart motives we carry and forgive us and release us and give us Your new hearts for us as we now trade our corrupt hearts into Your Hands. We break agreement with every lie and deception and give You permission to change our mindsets and continuously purify the deception in our hearts. Give us grace through Your blood, so that we can learn to understand more about Your heart for us and our nation and purify our sound over to understand more. In Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen.