National Fast: 28 January – MEDIA


With more people getting their news online,  the newspaper industry (print media) faces a crisis of survival. But it is not only the availability of free news online that is causing newspaper readers to abandon their traditional news sources.

  1. Pray: For prayer altars to be established and maintained in media houses. Pray that journalists will begin to boldly acknowledge God and partner with him in all they do;
  2. Pray: Specifically for the preservation of the regional and local identity and voice in media;
  3. Pray: For finances for media outlets with good track records and committed journalists with ethical standards, or where there is a remnant of Christian journalists;
    Declare: God’s favour on them;
  4. Pray: For the flushing out of greedy, lazy and dishonest people from the industry;
    Pray: For new business strategies and a release of finances for those individuals and/or institutions that are genuinely committed to excellence and stay true to the calling of journalism;
    Declare: The acceptable year of the Lord over the mountain of media, green shoots, that new methods of solid, credible news production will open up which will be more effective and add better value to society;
  5. Pray: Partnerships are key to thriving in the period ahead. Pray, not only for journalists to partner with God, but for new partnerships across media and other sectors in order to meet needs, release revenue and create jobs, not shed them.
  6. Pray for strategic linkages to develop across the different sectors of society.

1.  Psalms 15:2
2   Proverbs 8:7
3.  Proverbs 12:19

We thank God for all HE has broken through for us on this fast, and know that we will see His power in evidence in these various sect.