National Fast: 27 January – ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT

If one looks at the National Anthems around the earth, written before 1970, the majority of them mention God and His blessing!  Whatever is transmitted to the public through this medium, is the sound that society becomes and embraces.  We must have people who are called, creative and gifted to send forth a pure sound that people within society will embrace.  People embrace the message…


  1. Praying for performers, entertainers, producers, screenwriters, songs, writers and other forms of artisans to arise as REFORMERS and PROPHETS in this sector of society!
  2. Pray for finances to be unblocked for Christian artists to enter this sector, we must hit the MAIN SCREEN!!!!
  3. Pray for a stirring and urgency in artists to enter the ranks of influence, favor and governance.
  4. Pray for creativity to be unlocked out of the wisdom of God to impact society.

Joel 2:2,4-5,7-8
Acts 2:16-17
Acts 1:18-19