National Fast: 23 January – ECONOMY

We all deal with finance and material blessing, it is part of our lives. So many want God’s blessings with out understanding God’s financial principles, governing a nation and on a personal level.


  1. Every person to have access to education in financial literacy, and to understand the importance of this.
  2. Growth in national & personal economy.
  3. The limiting of national and personal debt.
  4. A national commitment for the  elimination  of poverty.
  5. Entrepreneurs who create corporations for kingdom wealth.
  6. Revelation that work is a form of worship and your work is the means of God’s provision!
  7. For the curse of poverty, lack, greed and destruction to be broken over SA’s economy, corporate and personal!
  8. Repentance from idol worship and sacrifice to the God of mammon!
  9. A realignment of SA’s economy corporately and personally!
  10. A new finance minister, SARS commissioner and members of treasury!

Deut 15:1-10
Matthew 20:1
Psalm 104:27
Proverbs 29:7
Eccl. 5:8 – 9


God is in the process of doing a new thing in our economy. We will continue to see the Rand  strengthen and there will be a restoration of what was lost. Corporations that have looted will be paying back billions, as leaders are brought to accountability. Marvel at what I am going to do in this economy, marvel at the quality of leadership that I am raising in the near future. Marvel at the creation of jobs and overseas investment! Marvel as many of you have sown faithfully and you will now begin to witness promotion, provision, debts cancelled and much increase. It’s a new day, new hour, says the Lord.