National Fast: 22 January – GOVERNMENT

The power of choice has been given to the individual in whom he will elect into power. The case of the Israelites God gave them the choice of who would rule over them? Pilate gave the people the choice of who they would choose.  Why did God allow this? God wanted the tribes, people’s and nations to accept responsibility and live with the consequences, good and bad!


  1. Praying for peaceful transition from old season to new season for our present government, praying against assassinations.
  2. Praying for new leaders in our country, leaders of integrity, wisdom, stature and integrity.
  3. Praying for our government to be associated with countries of honor, and God fearing nations.
  4. Praying for re:establishment of full diplomatic relations with Israel, for our foreign relations to be upgraded.
  5. Praying for the corrupt in government to be prosecuted accordingly.
  6. Praying for a new season of apostles and prophets to arise and take their place in government.
  7. Pray for Muslim structures in this nation, terrorist training camps to be completely dis-banned.
  8. Pray for halal foods to be removed off the shelvesSCRIPTURES TO PRAY

1. Isaiah 9:6
2. Daniel 2:21
3. Genesis 12;1-3
4. Daniel 6;3