National Fast: 20 January – MEDIA


  1. Pray for the preservation of the VOICE of the media. It is a voice for the voiceless, a voice against injustice and unrighteousness. Pray that neither corporatisation nor political manipulation will  silence or pervert that voice.
  2. Declare that the voice will grow strong and continue to speak out boldly with moral authority in the service of society and of God.
  3. Pray that media-house owners (businessmen) will realise the need to invest in the intellectual capital, weighty experience and the ethical backbone that is vital for keeping the media on track.
  4. Pray the juniorisation of the media will end, that the generational balance will be restored – and quickly. Also that respect by juniors towards seniors- across all lines of gender and race – will be restored and firmly implanted.
  5. Pray that respect and appreciation for the actual craft of writing, for journalistic principle and for calling will be restored/implanted among journalists themselves.
  6. Pray that the work ethic will be restored to the SA media and that the workload will be evenly spread.
  7. Pray for revival, strength and wisdom for those who are badly overloaded – for supernatural refreshing and acceleration, and for human help.
  8. Pray for a massive flushing out – of deadwood and of corrupt people and practices from media houses, at every level, from the very top to bottom.
  9. Pray for the eyes of journalists  to open so that they will recognize manipulation and also for their strengthening to withstand it – in all it’s shapes and forms, including flattery.
  10. Pray for the restoration of credibility to journalism. And for media owners and journalists to awaken to their calling – to be a credible voice for righteousness and justice, and a watchdog for society.
  11. Pray for an increase in appreciation by the church for the media, of the price paid by many journalists every day, of the important role they play as a pillar of democracy and for the church to up its support of Christian journalists who do battle daily on behalf of the nation. 

1. Genesis 1:3
2. Mark 8:18
3. John 15:15