National Fast: 19 January – EDUCATION

From the book of Genesis to Revelation God reinforces the concept that KNOWLEDGE is demonstrated in action, faith in works, learning in growth! Most education systems are based on the concept that you can know by retaining information about a subject without needing to apply it.  This system needs to be reviewed to accommodate all learners…. God has not placed the  GOVERNMENT to rule over the hearts and minds of children!


  1. Unjust laws toward christian education to be revised and reversed!
  2. For a new SEASON of TRANSFORMATION education!
  3. For parents and educators to realise: every child is gifted, every child has value and every child has the RIGHT to reach his DESTINY!
  4. For parents to be involved in their Childs schooling, motivating and instilling confidence in the child.
  5. For morality to accompany the process of education.
  6. For educators and GREAT MINDS to arise, bringing a TRANSFORMATION in our education system.
  7. Educational systems that facilitate the potential and destiny of children!

1. Genesis 1:27
2. Acts 13:36
3. Deut 4:6-7


The Spirit of the Lord is saying, “I have heard your cry in this nation for quality education, for teachers that will search for the heart of God on behalf of children and see their vocation as a calling, a privileged place of influence upon young hearts and I am granting your request in this day. You will see the mountain of education rising of the sea of demonic activity and filth. I am even shaking the tree of education right up into government. You will see the dead leaves of unfulfilled promises fall and even branches (people in positions of authority) being cut off and away. This is a season of pruning in education so I can raise up this nation to impact the world as I have promised many times before.”

I saw a new movement coming from parents who have had enough, not only through homeschooling, but in the public education system. I saw like a new body forming – something like a reformation group – with an agenda of truth and action. Their voice will be heard in homes through the media. I saw it started like an underground rebel movement but will be publicly heard even in this season and then taken into government. It will cause an uproar and create motion in other parents’ hearts – not in a violent way – motivating others to action.

God is taking us back to a foundation of Truth in education and there can be no truth outside the God of Truth!