National Fast: 18 January – FAMILY

Today we are calling for one million parent to choose to change the CULTRE of their home and destiny of their families. How? By giving your child, grandchild, your pupils the spoken blessing!  Words are powerful weapons to facilitate change in a nation, in a family and in the life of the child!


  1. Pray for revelation of the spoken blessing
  2. For parents to realise the BLESSING of having children
  3. For parents to know wisdom, understanding and grace for children
  4. For FAMILY VALUES to return to our nation
  5. For the culture of rape and divorce to be weakened and destroyed in our nation, changing the face of society!
  6. For financial breakthrough for families
  7. For the church to arise and BUILD the family structure once again
  8. For strong MARRIAGE’S that where spouse’s put each other first, and then the needs of the child


Today as parent, guardian or educator, I choose to speak BLESSING over this child. He will be  one who loves and serves God. I choose to see him as an intelligent, emotionally whole and blessed individual.  I choose to see him as a successful child, BLESSED relationally, BLESSED in his school work, BLESSED in his sport. I choose to see him BLESSED in the community, endowed with favour.  I speak a healthy balance over his life, whatever he puts his hand to shall be BLESSED, because God has spoken it and his destiny is BLESSED.  Thank you Lord that I see visible results of this SPOKEN BLESSING!


I see many are looking to their work situation as their source of income! This is bringing fear, anxiety and much stress in you. God is saying I will do a new thing, create new streams of income for you as you will seek me during this time! I am your only source, wait in me and significant doors will open!

1. Numbers 6:21-26
2. Genesis 1:26:28
3. 1 Kings 4:29
4. Proverbs 8:36
5. Proverbs 18:21