National Fast: 16 January – CHURCH/RELIGION

When we begin to see the agenda of God in the earth, we will find working together with other denominations will become much easier. It was never the function of government to provide for the poor and the orphan!


  1. As the church in this nation we need to repent for our compromise and allowing a “MIXTURE” in our faiths.
  2. For divine encounters for religious leaders in our nation.
  3. May the true Apostolic/ Prophetic ministries arise and be established over the false!
    May divine strategy be released on these leaders to bring reformation to other faiths!
  4. May the true reason for religion be found in our nation which is: The turning of man to His creator.
    For man to realize he exists to serve his fellow brother.
  5. For the church to arise as the moral voice in this nation!

1. Acts 17:18-19
2. James 1:27
3. Psalm 85:6-7
4. Acts 17:16
5. Acts 17:34