Dear Friends,

I write this in the Fear of the Lord, as early one morning the Lord woke me up and gave me the following:

  • A vision
  • An instruction (the solution)

I will proceed to explain both:

1. The Vision

The vision was about the situation in Marikana, the mine in Rustenburg.  He showed me a picture of a PRINCIPALITY over the town of Rustenburg, and more so over the Marikana mine. God showed me that this principality has chosen the AMCU mine workers union leader – Joseph Mathunjwa to proceed to bring about a complete shutdown of the mines in South Africa. I saw devastation and death which had a ripple effect over the WHOLE OF SOUTH AFRICA, every segment of the economy. God showed me the strike breaking out in other mines, if there was not divine intervention. I saw a spirit of murder and all forms of hatred and destruction being released over this segment of the economy, which will have dire consequences for our economy. I cannot express in the most strongest terms what I saw in this vision, it was HORIFFYING!

I began to see that as we the CHURCH begin to rise up in the SPIRIT for our COUNTRY, I saw a MASSIVE ANGELIC BEINGS in the Spirit being released to WAR and fight for this situation. I saw the CHURCH mobilising as one, and the Enemy running in terror. I saw such great VICTORY, that the world would look and ask how was this victory, outcome, solution was achieved.

2. The Instruction (The Solution)

God is calling the prophets, intercessors, church leaders and members of the body of Christ here in South Africa to arise and take their stand in the Spirit Realm, so as to DETHRONE this PRINCIPALITY! The Lord showed me clearly that the church should fast for 21 days, congregations gathering together in prayer. I began to see the story of  Daniel, when he fasted and the Principality was DETHRONED after 21 days! (Daniel 10:1-14).
I propose that however you as a leader would like to lead your congregation or ministry, that your members get together for corporate prayer and begin to pray. I propose that the fast start on Monday 26th May, in order that you may prepare your congregations this weekend.

Folks may I say this, whether we like it or not Marikana affects us all, there are THOUSANDS of starving people, business’s that are closing down and the ripple effect is enormous. I have heard reports of people having nervous breakdowns, mental attacks because of fear and anxiety.
As a PROPHETESS of God, I say to you, God will hold us the church responsible for this land, and the consequences of the strike if we the CHURCH do not rise up and take our stand in the Spirit.  We have the ANSWER, we need to stand in the GAP as INTERCESSORS for SOUTH AFRICA!  The future of our country is at stake!

2 Chronicles 7:14 – “if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

I humbly submit this to you asking you to consider the future of our country, this great nation and its people. I ask you to forward this to leaders, intercessors, prophets and all concerned that we may stand together as one.

From 26th May, I will submit a daily word on Facebook as per the fast. You may connect with my page here.

God bless you all and thank you for taking the time to read this.

3. Corporate Prayer/Praise and Prophetic Meeting

We will be having a corporate prayer, praise and prophetic meeting on a tri-monthly basis. The purpose of the meeting is for the gathering of intercessors and prophetic people, to really pray and make a sound in the heavenlies, thereby hearing what God would say to the country, the government and the church at this time.

We anticipate the heavenlies to be opened over South Africa and a real revival to take place in our nation, through these meetings. The intended purpose is for church’s in various cities to participate in this corporate prayer and praise event, in order for whole cities to eventually gather in stadiums for citywide gatherings. We will be posting notifications of these events and the various locations on the website. The first event will take place at Journey church – see map.