One of the things fire can signify is God’s judgment. Come to think of it, I think this ties up with something else I saw at the Angus Buchan event- the symbol of Freemasonry being knocked flat and with that the scales of Justice which had been badly uneven suddenly swinging back to an even balance. That told me justice was being restored in SA. We have already seen at least three very significant court judgments against wrongs by the state – Concourt against Zuma on Nkandla; Concourt against the Minister of Soc Development, Bathabile Dlamini on the disgraceful attempt to hijack Sassa’s social grant payment system; and the Western Cape High Court against the unprocedural procurement process that was underway for Zuma’s nuclear deal (which basically sought to bypass parliament). In all of these cases our courts have held the line against unrighteousness.

But these are not by any means the sum total of the cases pending against Zuma and his cronies. With state Capture and Guptaleaks It is difficult to keep track of all the cases being brought by opposition parties and justice NGOs against those implicated in treason, gross corruption, money laundering and other appalling abuses of state resources.

In most democracies Guptaleaks would have brought down the government. But in SA we have seen paralysis and a continuation of flagrant abuses by people who have seemed to be untouchable.
Yesterday that suddenly changed with the firing of the SABC’s Hlaudi Motsoeneng. He hasbbeen sailing around like a crown prince causing havoc even though Thuli Madonsela in 2014, found he had lied about his qualifications and was unfit to hold office.

 I believe that ruling is just the beginning of a rash of judgments that are about to take place that will remove wicked people from office. I’d urge Christians to pray seriously for our courts – they have been holding the line for this nation against a tide of wickedness despite much intimidation, harassment and accusations of “judicial over-reach” by zupta footsoldiers. But the truth is that justice has not reached far enough. However I think that’s about to change and we are about to see the fire of God fall using the vehicle of our court system to deal with wickedness at a speed and extent that is unprecedented.