1. The Chamber of Mines has gone to court to stop a secret redraft of the Mining Charter by the (captured) Mineral Resources Minister Mosebenzi Zwane from being implemented. If implemented the redraft will make a tiny elite obscenely rich, but totally stunt the potential of mining in SA, lose investment and kill off around 100,000 direct jobs – 20% of the mining workforce.

Rather than respond to any of the many issues raised in the chamber’s affidavit, Zwane attacked those opposing the charter- ie. the chamber -saying they are opposed to government’s transformation objectives. But Zwane’s argument is subterfuge. The biggest beneficiaries of the new and frankly devilish charter will not be workers or communities where the mines are located, but a special newly created class of elite BEE partners who will rake in vast fortunes – R50-billion from an industry worth about R1.2-trillion.

Further, because the new charter prescribes that 50% plus one of any mine prospecting operation has to be BEE, the non BEE funders will have to come up with all the money, yet give away control. Reputable investors will flee, leaving SA’s mines up for grabs by hit-and-run pirates who pay badly, if at all, and damage the environment.

The battle now underway is of vital  importance, not only because of the jobs and the impact on the economy, but it actually strikes at the heart, soul and identity of this nation. South Africa is a country built on gold mining, our history cannot stand apart from our mines and nor will our future.
While some deposits are already mined out, fabulous riches remain. We have arguably the world’s greatest mineral endowment, worth $2.5-trillion. We still have 40% of the world’s gold reserves. We also have mineral overlaying mineral.

Our most precious God-given natural resource must be harnessed to reach its full potential and in the interest of all.

• For God to swing this battle in the direction of the righteous; • For truth to be exposed and wickedness totally derailed; • For God to assign warrior angels to defend our mines from plunder, this industry from ruin, and our identity as a mining nation; • For God to assign angelic bodyguards 24/7 to protect those on the side of righteousness at the forefront of this battle; • For God to give these giant slayers the courage and accuracy of David and the wisdom of Solomon; • For a multitude of wisdom and resources to be at their disposal.

• That the mineral resources of South Africa belong to all the people of the land and they WILL be wisely harnessed and used for all of our benefit; • That rIghteousness will have the ultimate victory and a fair, sound, future looking Charter will be set in place; • That golden showers of peace and favour will fall upon the David’s fighting on the front lines of this battle; • That our mines will prosper like never before and our identity as a reputable mining nation will thrive.

2. Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane’s order to Parliament that the Reserve Bank be forced to simply print money was echoed by Deputy Finance Minister Sfiso Buthelezi in an address on Monday night. This will collapse the currency and create a full Zimbabwe scenario.
The Reserve Bank governor (not captured) has taken the Public Protector to court to stop this.

• For the Lord God to have MERCY on South Africa; • For him to deploy his army in both heaven and earthand there will be utter confusion in the ranks of those trying to crash our currency and economy, that this plot will be totally derailed; • For those standing for righteousness to be protected and evil men and women will be swept from all places of influence.

• That Righteousness will be our government; • That the sanctity of our currency will be preserved; • That Godly men and women will be positioned as gatekeepers of our Treasury and all arms of state; • That our currency, economy and nation will begin to grow and grow in stature, that it will thrive; and • That, as God is doing in the US – making MERCY the currency – He would do in SA.

3. The leaked Gupta e-mails include a R30bn loan application on behalf of Transnet for its locomotive contract. It pretends to be written by former finance minister Nhlanhla Nene, but was in fact written by Gupta-associated Regiments Capital’s Tewodros Gebreselasie.

The e-mails provide overwhelming evidence -which Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane appears unwilling to pursue -that the Guptas received more than R5bn in kickbacks from China South Rail, which was awarded the bulk of the Transnet contract.

• That the armies of heaven will be stationed to foil conductors of  theft – grand and small – from House South Africa; • That systems that give space for unnecessary middlemen to milk our nation’s resources will be entirely obliterated; • That the thieves will go where they belong – TO JAIL; • That the Public Protector will be so overwhelmed by the fear of the Lord God Almighty that she begin to live up to her title – Protector of  the Public- failing which, she will be replaced by someone who will, AND quickly.

4.  Licencing of Religious Practitioners;
The investigation was in response to a number of media reports concerning suspicious or untoward practices being undertaken by various pastors and ‘churches’. These included allegations of congregants being made to eat grass or to drink petrol; stories of people being cajoled into handing over large sums of money in order to be ‘cured’ of a disease; the encouragement of personality cults; and the depositing of church funds in the personal bank accounts of leaders.

Legislation to be passed for the continuation of the gospel to be preached freely, and for protection over all God fearing men & woman of God. Decree that the unrighteous deeds of so called men of God will be exposed and their hands tied that their work will not continue.

5. The battle within and around government is now being fought in our courts.

For protection and heightened wisdom for our judges; For protection of our court system;

• That our courts will remain independent and continue to have fearless and courageous judges and magistrates of integrity and ability; • That our courtrooms will function as if they are the very courtrooms of heaven; and • That justice will be served and it will reign throughout SA.