“Prophet Charlie Shamp”

“I will reveal the heart of David in this Land.”

Herewith a prayer guide for the Intercessors of the Nation!  This snake will try everything to hinder the Kingdom of God’s manifestation!

This is a season for acceleration for South Africa. On April 11, 2017 in the early morning hours I was taken into a dream, this is what occurred. I found myself in the region of Stilfontein, South Africa.The Lord spoke to me and said, “Behold this man!” I looked to see a man come out of the ground. The Lord spoke again, “Behold the man, this man David! I will resurrect him from this place.” I looked as this man David stood before me. The Lord spoke again and said, “Embrace the man for his heart is pure and full of power!” I grabbed ahold of the man and began to pray and as I did I felt supernatural power and passion released from him. I said, “Who is this David?”

The Lord spoke, “The heart of David is hidden in this nation, yes it is the heart of heaven that is hidden in the country, hear these words I speak; the heart of David Livingston is buried in this land. For even as David Livingston’s heart was buried deep in the soil of this nation as a hidden treasure I will cause the passion of my son King David to arise across the land. I have searched the land for the heart of David to arise in my people’s hearts. In this season in the spirit I will cause the heart David to be uncovered like a buried treasure and make all men’s hearts burn for me again. For this man’s heart was a seed of what will come upon men’s hearts in this land, they will be overcome by my presence and power again.

A worship sound will come out of this land that will shake the nation and the continent of Africa with my power and the hidden treasure that has been covered will be recovered, hidden gold will be found that was buried too deep for people to see. I will release a sound that will shake the ground and uncover natural gold in the earth that I have reserved for my sons and daughters. From this place I will touch the nation and the continent.”The scene changed and I was wrestling a massive snake who had bit me in my neck. I shouted, “Lord what am I to do? The snake has me by my throat!” The Lord spoke and said, “This is the demonic prince that sits in the land, his name is leviathan. It has caused much damage and destruction in South Africa. This prince chokes out my people’s praise and causes chaos in churches.

It has stolen finances through corruption and deception for many generations, but even as he bruised the precious feet of those who have preached the gospel through persecution in the past I will crush his head through a sound of victory that comes from my people! Lift up your voice and release the sound of David and the serpent will fall.” I lifted up my voice even as the serpent had me by the throat and began to sing a song of victory. When I did, the serpent lost all its strength. I grabbed it by its throat and began to shake violently until it was dead, I then threw it from the land. The Lord spoke, “Tell my people that I will cause a natural shaking to come to reveal the gold in the land. It will be a sign of Acts 4:31-35 is released in the nation. As my people gather to worship and praise the heart of heaven will be revealed and released.

It will cause the cause financial freedom to come, it will cause spiritual outpouring to take place!” Again the Lord said, “Son let me ask of you this question. Can I change the economy of South Africa in a day? Can I change the spiritual climate of a nation? Hear the word of the Lord. This is what I say: It will come to pass that a measure of the finest flour will sell for a shekel and two measures of barley for a shekel at the gate of the nation. Look as I open up the floodgates of the heavens over the country and pour out a spiritual and financial miracle for the nation. I will shake out corruption and destruction from the government and bring back the economy of the country, it will prosper!”

Prophet Charlie Shamp

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