Feedback from the Prophetic Worship & Praise Service

A Prophetic Worship and Praise Service was held at 19:00 on Wednesday, 4th February, at the Journey Church in Buccleuch.

The 21 day fast was consolidated in an evening of praise and worship, and a time where we shared God’s Word about the future of our country.

Janet Brann Hollis introduced the evening by referring to the prophecy from Cindy Jacobs, from Generals International, that there would be a raising of many prophetic voices in the nations. God is raising up His Voice to be heard in this country. We pray that nations will come to Him through our message.

The prophetic is usually in relation to a season. The church needs to understand the season and the role they are expected to play. There is a new season for South Africa. Rise and shine. There is a stirring in the heavenlies in 2015. We are called to fight as part of God’s army.

Janet’s particular calling and burden at this time is to rally the church to pray and fast,  interceding for those in parliament and she asked for prayer for the politicians, particularly with the upcoming State of Nation address on Thursday 12th February.

Prophetic Utterance – Mark: Jeremiah 22: 13-17. The country’s leaders are called to do what is just and right and to help the oppressed and the needy. To know the Lord is to know His heart and His love. The Lord defended the cause of the poor; the helpless; foreigners; widows and needy. We must have a heart for the orphans and the widows. Do good to the helpless, and the way we treat foreigners. The governments need to stand on these principles to uphold the nation.

We pray for good governance in SA. We ask God to raise up wise Daniels in the government with wisdom and understanding in finances and will govern in righteousness. We pray for SARS for stability and righteousness. We pray for God’s grace on the Minister of Finance. We pray for the cabinet ministers to walk in fear of God. We ask God to raise up the Josephs with a heart for the country. Lord, the governance will be upon Your shoulders.

Isaiah 60:1-3. The glory of the Lord is being revealed amongst His people and many nations will come to the Light.

Ezra 10:1-2. Ezra was chasing the people and told them to confess the sins of the nation. The people are weeping bitterly. We’ve trespassed against our Lord.

Song of Praise: If praise is like perfume, Like wine for You to drink.

Prophetic Utterance Hillary – shared the word she received for the country, the church and the individual. (Refer to the attached document.)

Prophetc Utterance Nelissa- Ezra 10:1-2. Ezra was chasing the people and told them to confess the sins of the nation. The people are weeping bitterly. We’ve trespassed against our Lord.

Exodus 3:7-8. The Lord is aware of the distress of all His people. He hears the cries of those who are troubled and oppressed. God’s people need to cry out to Him so that He may intervene on their behalf. The Lord will rescue His people and provide abundantly for them.

Daily we are called to renew our covenant with God. God has a covenant with us, His people, as a nation. During the week the focus of the world was once again on SA. It was the week that Mandela was released 21 years ago, but what do they see now?

We ask God to deliver us again. We want a righteous man, with a heart for the people. Let SA return to God, back to freedom, back to righteousness.

Psalm 65: Praise is awaiting! We need to draw near to God continually that we may receive His mercy and strength to help us in our time of need.

Prophetic Utterance – Cheryl shared her vision of the “potjie.”(Refer to the attached document.) Is this not something we can all relate to in our daily lives in SA? God will deal with SA physically, spiritually and financially, so many other nations will come to eat from our pot.

Prophetic Utterance – Julia God is a merciful God. Julia shared the vision of three stripes. John 14:14. Our country will be healed and bring healing to the nations by the stripes of Jesus.

Prophetic Action – Sue gave us the message that “This day is holy to our God”.

Nehemiah 8:10. The declaration of God’s Word, accompanied by a sincere desire to follow it’s instruction, will result in true heartfelt joy. The joy of the Lord is based on reconciliation with God and the presence of the Spirit in our lives.

Psalm 2:4 and Psalm 37: 12-13. The Lord laughs at the wicked. Victory belongs to the Lord.

Song of Songs 8:6. An ardent passionate relationship with God will give believers confidence in a future life with God. Passion laughs at the terror of the enemies.

We laughed and laughed and laughed at the ENEMY.

Evening closed in corporate prayer of thanks.