1. CHUCK PIERCE PROPHECY – Please pray over the following points:
I am redefining our nation
I will even cause some to fall in the street representing the last season arising.
There will be a divine reversal in CT, in Pretoria, in Johannesburg
I have sovereignly gathered you to a place where a wrong cycle began and I now reverse that cycle,

God has spoken by HIS PROPHETS, we need to heed this call, praying and fasting for the manifestation of this word.

2. ELECTIONS – 3rd August 2016

Free and fair elections
Protection of the Vote, against vote tampering, and all forms of vote rigging – May God move supernaturaly in this event.
Men and woman to vote with a SOUND MIND
Parties with representatives that Honor God, Honor the state, its laws and its constitution, and Honor the people of the state!!


We are praying for our workers, as it is workers month (MAY), may God grant speedy resolutions, may these strikes be peaceful and may the workers who rightfully need a living wage be hugely compensated.
May workers have a mind to WORK, and may every Humanistic and False Ideology be replaced with education and truth as to the responsibility of employer and employee