Fasting Guidelines for 5 November 2014

Mobilising the Troops – On 5 November 2014 we will be fasting and praying for:

  • the redemptive purpose of the nation of S.A. to manifest
  • the removal of all corrupt leadership from the top downwards
  • the setting in place of leadership that God has ordained, those who have God’s heart for SA
  • a new era of Godly governmental leadership to be birthed in SA
  • the overhaul of SA justice system – pray for chief Justice Motsoeneng for wisdom to rule well
  • the closure of the gates of all sexual promiscuity, the forbidding of all laws to be passed that will promote this
  • the removal of all anarchist voices in our nation, for peace and unity to be promoted
  • divine intervention against radical muslim voices in SA, namely Boko Haram, Isis, Hamas operating in SA
  • the weakening and realignment of the trade union movements, that all may have a living employment in SA
  • the POSTAL STRIKE to CEASE, agreement to be reached!
  • SA to be realigned with Israel
  • unity in the church in SA
  • your own pastors & leaders