National Fast: 11 January – THE FAMILY


  • Repent for not being a good parent, for not teaching your child the ways of the Lord, and for any other generational sin that may have taken hold of your family. We ask God to reverse the effects of this sin on yr family line.

  • We repent on behalf of our national government that have passed the abortion laws in our nation. We repent for the effects of this law which has brought death and destruction!
    May God come and cleanse us from the scourge of rape, from the effects of passing laws promoting homosexuality which are so contrary to His ways!
  • We pray for our cabinet minister who administers this portfolio, God give her wisdom and grace! May she fear your name!
  • Pray for parents, for one headed households, for the fear of God apoun them! That it may go well with them!
  • Praying for Fathers to take up their role in the home, loving their wives, loving their kiddos as Christ loved the church! Praying for children to have a revelation of what it means to honor a parent.
  • Praying against the scourge of divorce in our nation! May God heal us of this evil!
  • May the STRENGTH of the FAMILY be restored to society as the BEDROCK of this nation!

1.  Ephesians 5:22-33
2.  Exodus 20:12
3. Genesis 18:18-19
4. Proverbs 19:23
5.  1 Timothy 2:1-2