Strategic Entry Level Prayer

I decree and declare that:

My neighbourhood and community are free from violence and criminal activities and that every evil work is mitigated and destroyed.
The spiritual, economic, social and political climates shift and take a turn for the best.
The atmosphere within my community and nation is filled with the glory of God – an atmosphere conducive for businesses, ministries, agencies, institutions, educational and political systems, relationships, loved ones, and ideas to thrive.
My nation is characterised by a culture of empowerment.


Heal or land of civil unrest, ethnic cleansing human trafficking, illegal countermands, pandemic disease, homelessness, illiteracy, and every evil work.
Cause economic and financial tides to turn in our favour.
Increase our GDP and GNP.

I decree and declare that, Father:

The plans and purpose of God prevail within our communities and nations.
Our leadership, heads of state, government leaders, civil servants, decision makers, and political/moral leaders are blessed and corruption free.
Remove those who are driven by self-serving motivations and aspirations, and replace them with true and authentic servant-leaders.

I decree and declare that:

We experience supernatural increase.
We embrace the true wealth of nations.
Our communities and nations experience economic growth, restoration, productivity, health, and hope.
Our institutions, government, communities and corporations are filled with moral, ethical, and visionary leadership.
As a contributing member of our global village, I commit to do my part by rising up and taking a stand against violence, criminal activities, human rights violations, and social injustice and or/join others in mitigating, ameliorating, and eradicating the same.

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