“Prophet Charlie Shamp”

“I will reveal the heart of David in this Land.”

Herewith a prayer guide for the Intercessors of the Nation!  This snake will try everything to hinder the Kingdom of God’s manifestation!

This is a season for acceleration for South Africa. On April 11, 2017 in the early morning hours I was taken into a dream, this is what occurred. I found myself in the region of Stilfontein, South Africa.The Lord spoke to me and said, “Behold this man!” I looked to see a man come out of the ground. The Lord spoke again, “Behold the man, this man David! I will resurrect him from this place.” I looked as this man David stood before me. The Lord spoke again and said, “Embrace the man for his heart is pure and full of power!” I grabbed ahold of the man and began to pray and as I did I felt supernatural power and passion released from him. I said, “Who is this David?” Continue reading ““Prophet Charlie Shamp””

Prophetic Words Over S.A

In this season the Lord is calling the Church in SA to arise and to declare and herald all the words of prophecy that have been released over the Nation in recent years. The Lord is ready to perform His word, He is looking for those who will believe and stand on the side of the Lord. The Lord has chosen the Church to lead in this season. He has given Her the grace to govern.  For too long the baby has been in the birth canal, it is time for the Church to bring forth. It is time to birth the move of the Spirit in SA, there has never been a better time than this. As evil is abound grace is abound and God is raising the standard. The Church must not be quiet when She hears what the enemy is planning to do, She must rise and refute the plan of the enemy and proclaim what the Lord has said He will do in SA. Continue reading “Prophetic Words Over S.A”


31 March 2017

…There’s coming an eruption for that country, and there’s an eruption of corruption says the Lord but I want you to know I am blowing out the corruption for eruption of my Spirit, and there will come 20 days of intense and terrifying shaking says the Lord and I will shake everything that can be shaken and I will shake it and break it and take it and expose and the hearts of many will fail them says the lord that literally, you will hear of people having heart attacks, even prominent people ending up hospitalized… Continue reading “PROPHECY GIVEN BY JIM LAFFOON OVER S.A”


Concerning changes to occur in SA in 2017/18/19

Get Ready SA!  Get ready for what is about to happen says the Lord.  The men I am going to choose are set apart for the rebuilding of the Nation. God says, men have plundered the house and stolen the goods essential for ruling and raining.  In SA men are doing illegal things under legal pretences.

God is saying that He is going to crush that.  Even as many Saul’s rise to ravage the Body of Christ and South Africa.  God is sending the power of the Spirit on the nation.  In 2017 God is going to break the corruption.  Those who say it is legal to do evil will have no power to do it.  God is not going to allow them to commit evil against any racial group.

The Body of Christ has a major role to play.  God is going to dismantle the works of the enemy.  There will be no political party that can rally against what is happening.  It will suddenly arise beyond political decision.  South Africans of every colour will join forces, a people movement that’s going to keep the enemy out and push the evil out.  Get ready South Africa!  The Body of Christ has a major role to play.   More people who serve and know the Lord will enter parliament.

Healed, deliver and set free!  I see people being healed, delivered and being set free! I see corrupt men fleeing the nation because the law is going to resist them. The Lord says there will not be another Zimbabwe again. South Africa will be a new nation and new things are about to happen. It is time to rise!

South Africa will rise again! The economy will turn around, become stronger, and the wealth of the nation will not be found in the pockets of the wicked, but rather it will be shared so all communities will rise. The Spirit is saying: “I raised the nation by Myself, I will push out the powers of the enemy! The sound of My Voice will be carried into the entire continent of Africa, Zach 6:6-8! The enemy will be afraid because the Cape of Good Hope will not be the place of destruction. I am restoring hope for you, South Africa, so that you no longer need to fear anymore”. It is time for the people of God to begin to  rise and take off the old labels, Ezek 20:46-49.

Dismantle the powers of the enemy. The Spirit of Hope is released right now, and command the spirit of devastation, corruption and destruction to leave right now, in Christ Jesus’ Name! In the next three years God is going to dismantle the powers of the enemy and begin to usher in the Kingdom of God, Dan 2:44-45. Many people have only engaged inside the Body of Christ, but God says; I am going to build a new bridge.

People are waiting for those who have been labouring in the house to come out. Your neighbours standing on the other side of the wall asking; What are they doing? Who are they?” God is going to  bring down the  walls and let them see what He is doing in the Body of Christ. They  will look for those inside the Body of Christ who will change the city and the world. South Africa it is not the time for you  to run, it is the time for you to stop! Harkin to the sound of God’s Voice!

Open up! I speak to the Heavens on your behalf! Heavens be open! People be open! Cities be open, in Christ Jesus’ Name! The year 2017 is your time. The Spirit of  God says, He will rise in Righteousness. Do not be afraid. You will know that righteousness will sustain  and exult this nation and there will be a major role for South Africa to play in this movement of the Spirit for all of Africa. God say; “Get ready South Africa! This is your time to rise!  This is not your time to fall, to be ashamed, to be intimidated, or to be  held back. Use all your energy in prayer”!  Says the Lord! South Africa this is your hour, fear not, take your place in Righteousness, Zeph 3:10-11!

A Strong movement! There will be a strong  prayer movement!  2017 is your year to turn to God. He will give fresh oil to the Bride and the Fire is going to continue to burn. Even people outside the church are going to be supernaturally touched. I can see there is great rejoicing, great  celebration, and the women and children will dance in the streets. Fresh rain is coming down; there will be joy in the House.  Different communities and people will get together and  there will be rejoicing in the streets because Heaven has opened and hell has been shut; there has been change everywhere, Rev 7:9-14.

This is the hour South Africa, this is the hour! Fear not, take your Righteousness, take your place in History to change the continent of  Africa, Acts 3:19-21! In 2017 to 2019 the Spirit of the Lord will consume you. There is going to be an   abundance of resources because men cannot plunder what I have planted! Your harvest will be your own.

Therefore rise and go forth and you will not fail, says the Lord!  The nation will  rejoice because she will  excel and  a whole new generation of people will be united and collected. Together they will be called the rainbow nation for every colour and tribe will be there, hope for all, Acts 2:44-45 & Acts 4:31-32! In Christ Jesus’  Name,  go forth and prosper says the Lord! Dr Jonathan David is the founder and senior pastor of All Nations Sanctuary in Muar, Malaysia!


26 January 2017

While in prayer the Lord began to highlight the nation of South Africa to me. I was shown a map of the world and suddenly the nation of South Africa began to illuminate light. I saw the years 2017-2020 and the Lord spoke and said, “I’m bring the nation of South Africa into the light, a crystal clear vision for blessing and prosperity.” I saw the words, RADICAL ECONOMIC TRANSFORMATION FOR THE NATION. I was brought into a large industrial building that was thriving and I asked the Lord, “What is this place?” The Lord said, “This is the nations manufacturing industry, I’m bringing it back!” The Lord says, “Import and export, your ports will thrive and come back to life.” I saw car companies from around the world coming to build cars in large automotive factories putting many people to work.

The word “INCLINE” came to me and I saw the currency in its current state and suddenly it began to rise, the currency is coming back from the dead. The resurrection power is upon the rand! The Lord also says, “There will be a changing of the guard.” I saw a new political party will take power as more governmental corruption is exposed in the current administration. Again I saw the word “INCLINE” and the phrase “Wine on the Incline”

The Lord spoke to me that the production of grapes will greatly increase in the nation the next several years. It will be a sign to the people of the new wine being released across the nation, a fresh move of the spirit is about to come!


Over these next six weeks I will redefine this land. Even though the enemy will make a great attempt to rise up recreating structures from the past angelic hosts are now on their way. Even though you see on the streets a lot of confusion I will even cause some to fall in the street representing the last season arising. It is now My desire for my glory to rise from the foot of this land of Africa and blow across the land and all nations will watch the workings and going on of My hands in SA. I have chosen this land for now. This role is for now. There will be a divine reversal in CT, in Pretoria, in Johannesburg. There is a movement now to realign this land. Watch as I begin to lead my people. Watch and listen carefully for my word will be heard throughout this land. It will be redefined within the next six weeks and a new covering will come to this land. I have put in motion a movement from heaven now that movement will begin to be seen in the earth realm. I have sovereignly gathered you to a place where a wrong cycle began and I now reverse that cycle, although you have never seen what My glory displays in this land I will begin to display my glory. SA has been destined from decades and I have longed to see a movement, a double fold move of my Spirit, and now it is beginning.

In the midst of this place we decree the new identity of SA will now arise.