7 November Fast 2018 – Prayer Initiative


God created the city to be a place of life and well being.  Our cities have become strongholds for the enemy to carry out his destructive works.  The spiritual climate in our city determines how the life and governance of the city functions. Scripture tell us that wherever our feet tread, God has given us that ground.  Lets ask God to give us individually a vision for reclaiming our cities, for righteousness and well being, for prosperity and health.
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4 July Fast 2018 – Prayer Initiative


We are fast approaching July 4th, which is the day we set time aside to pray for our nation. This is one day where we can all be in unity and agreement for our nation. Below are some scriptures that one can pray and please adapt these scriptures to your relevant towns and cities. It is as we deal with corruption on a local level within our cities that God is then able to escalate the justice to a national level.

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2 May Fast 2018 – Prayer Initiative

We are using the NEHEMIAH principle to pray earnestly for our cities. Jerusalem had gone into captivity, its people were in bondage and there was no sign of deliverance. Jerusalem’s gates were burned with fire…
God raises up NEHEMIAH, we notice so clearly that Nehemiah had three characteristics and key ingredients needed for city transformation! These three keys are found in: Nehemiah 1:3-4 Continue reading “2 May Fast 2018 – Prayer Initiative”

4 April Fast 2018 – Prayer Initiative

The purpose behind this initiative is to raise the church in the city with a burden and an awareness to pray for the most pressing issues in our nation at present.  God spoke to Janet very clearly saying:  the politicians are preparing for the 2019 elections and what is the Church’s involvement at this time.  The politicians are ruling on the land, but what is God saying?  What is the Role of God and the church in your city?  Do you have a burden for your city?

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