1. The Chamber of Mines has gone to court to stop a secret redraft of the Mining Charter by the (captured) Mineral Resources Minister Mosebenzi Zwane from being implemented. If implemented the redraft will make a tiny elite obscenely rich, but totally stunt the potential of mining in SA, lose investment and kill off around 100,000 direct jobs – 20% of the mining workforce. Continue reading “JULY PRAYER ALERT!”


Intercessors for South Africa are co-ordinating a national prayer initiative. This initiative is to bevlaunched on 16th of April, and will continue into the season of Pentecost. The timing of this initiative could not be more seasonal, as we observe the activities and turmoil in our nation at present. We encourage EVERY member of the body of Christ to be active in what God is doing in this season.

Please log onto the IFSA website  www.ifsaprayer.co.za  for daily updates, prayer guides. Pastors and leaders this is your season to facilitate the change that God has planned for this nation. Transforming and changing a nation, starts with changing a city.  This is an opportunity to invest in your city, by shifting the spiritual atmosphere of your city. This is a day of reformation. Leader, God has called you as a reformer, God wants your people reformed, He wants to release reformers back into society. What takes place in the future of this nation, affect Africa, and the whole world.

We urge you to make every effort to raise teams within your local church to participate in  walking  your city. God is working in SA, this is a KAIROS moment. Please don’t miss it!!!!!!!


Dear Kingdom of God citizen

We have started a new year, not forgetting that God has called us to Fast &
Pray for our nation! This months fast mandates us to re:align the nation to
God’s purposes, and  order, that kingdom assignments for SA would manifest!
As we are obedient to this call, SA will enjoy some of the following
a. SA becomes a sheep nation
b. SA will walk under an open heaven

We read in Ezra ch.  8:21 – Then I proclaimed a fast there, at the river
Ahava, that we might humble ourselves before our God, to seek of him a
straight way for us, and for our little ones, and for all our substance.
The future of our nation & the future of our little one’s are at stake,
please join us in facilitating Gods Kingdom purposes in this nation!

We are covering the following issues in prayer:

Little job creation, stealing, looting – resulting in poverty, greed and
Economy is not growing
Psalm 6:10 – enemies be ashamed & sore vexed

2. RACISM: spirit – God has chosen men from every tribe & tongue. There is:
Lack of recognition of each other’s racial groups results in men feeling:
Disenchranshised, marginalized, hopelessness. We need a heart change.
Dethrone this principality in the spirit realm
John ch 17: 20-21

Commencement  of university year
Criminal elements/ anarchy / sense to prevail / entitlement
Believers to rise up & take their campus’s for God!
Joshua 1:3

As we gather together in yr small groups, pray fervently, together with
revelation into these aspects and God will be faithful to bring the

God Bless & keep SA and its citizens!

Janet Brann Hollis and team!