Week 25 – Governmental Prayer Watch


11 Nov – 17 Nov 2019: Click here to download Week 25 prayer points

 SA & THE SPRINGBOK VICTORY – Malachi 4:2 – Nahum 2:2

What is God saying through this Springbok victory?
The celebrations of this last week are a PROPHETIC SIGN that God is showing us, the following:

  • Players of all ethnic groups coming together – the nation will come together
  • Just as many danced in the streets – the day will come when South Africans will dance in the streets again
  • Just as God prepared Siya Kolisi in his mother’s womb – God is preparing new leaders, new Siya kolisi’s that will serve this nation for “GENERATIONS” to come
  • The SA rugby union has had a QUICK REFORMATION – God is bringing a QUICK POITICAL REFORMATION in SA..

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Week 24 – Governmental Prayer Watch


3 Nov – 10 Nov 2019: Click here to download Week 24 prayer points

 Good day prayer warriors. All authority in heaven and earth has been given to Jesus Christ. What a privilege as sons and daughters to be given the right to use that awesome name. So, let us pray fervently to push back and frustrate the works of darkness in Jesus Mighty Name!!

  1. The Economy: Jeremiah 29:11, Proverbs 21:5

The economy is facing many challenges with unemployment at an 11-year high. Pray for the right economic policies and reforms to be implemented in our nation so that our economy can grow and unemployment be reduced. It is the will of God for or nation and its people to prosper so that the various needs can be met. Pray against indecision, procrastination, stagnation and corruption. Pray for growth in small to medium businesses. May God have mercy on South Africa and turn our economy around. Continue reading “Week 24 – Governmental Prayer Watch”

Week 23 – Governmental Prayer Watch

27 October – 3 Nov. 2019: Click here to download Week 23 prayer points


Scripture:  Jes 22:15-25  & Prov 16:18

This is a topic that stays close to the heart of God. We see all the in-fighting and the results of bad leadership is certain government institutions and spheres. Power struggles within political parties remains.  South Africans get disheartened by all of this as it seems like these struggles for power and entitlement remains the main focus, whilst service delivery and the needs of the citizens falls by the wayside.

This week God is warning political leaders whose self-interest outweigh their elected position of servanthood.  Self-serving political leaders will be removed and be replaced with his choice, says the Lord.  It is time that true servanthood be restored in government and semi-government organisations.  God is calling up leaders with a true father-heart.  They will not make empty promises; they will decide things and implement it.  God’s heart for our country and government is to succeed. Continue reading “Week 23 – Governmental Prayer Watch”

Week 22 – Governmental Prayer Watch

20 October – 27 October 2019: Click here to download Week 22 prayer points

Good day South Africa, it has been a very difficult week for our nation  BUT in it all God always prevails, through the effective fervent prayers of a RIGHTEOUS PEOPLE!  This week we want to pray for the following:

  1. Eskom: Amos 7:7-8, Isaiah 43:19,

This state enterprise is critical to the economy of our nation.  The enemy is really trying his best to undo all the economic breaktrhoughs we have been experiencing as a nation.  We pray againsst inteference, agianst sabotage, praying for the directors and their families.  May God move to bring ORDER and STABILITY in this enterprise. Continue reading “Week 22 – Governmental Prayer Watch”

Week 21 – Governmental Prayer Watch

14 October – 20 October 2019: Click here to download Week 21 Prayer points

The Lord reminds us of our authority as believers and encourages us that what we see for the nation and declare is what will surely come to pass (Mark 11:23, Psalms 149:6-9).

These are the prayer points for this week:

1. Economy: declare “turn-around” to the national economy. We prayed a while back, that the Lord would provide wisdom and guidance on how to rejuvenate the economy. We give Him praise for the Minister Tito Mboweni’s plan of action, and the recently deployed Presidential Economic Advisory Council. Indeed, these are His instruments to effect the much needed turn-around:

  • Ask for supplies/resources – “hands and feet” as well as funds to put action to the plans and strategies they devise (1 Kings 5:6-8, Luke 14:28).
  • Now pray that there will be no delay in their work (Nehemiah 6:1-4,16; Isaiah 60:22)

2. Criminality and Violence: Please continue to take a firm stand in the spirit, against criminality and violence in all its forms (Isaiah 60:18):

  • Too many are broken by the spirit of fatherlessness. Repent for the land and pray that God would reverse fatherlessness, raising up true men to raise up other men. This is part of His plan to reverse the scourge of gender-based violence (Psalms 147:3, 68:5, Romans 8:15-16)

3. Leadership/ governance: there is a prevailing wind of change that is crafting our political landscape. It is the wind of the Spirit of God. He alone chooses kings, sets them up and deposes them in His times (Daniel 2:21).

  • It is the Lord who will settle the disputes in all spheres of leadership in the country (Isaiah 2:4, Acts 1:15-26, Lamentations 3:37).
  • Continue to pray for His stewards that He is raising to positions of leadership in the country – especially the process of choosing the new deputy Public Protector (1 Samuel 16:10-11, Acts 9:15)

Week 20 – Governmental Prayer Watch

7 October – 13 October 2019: Click here to download Week 20 Prayer points


God is in charge of the season of political leaders.

Eccl. 5:2b  (The message)  “Don’t be too quick to tell God what you think he wants to hear.  God’s in charge, not you….”

This is the Word of the Lord with regards to the attacks that we can see on political leaders all over the spectrum.  God is in charge.  He has a plan and a purpose for these leaders and we need to pray that God plans for them will prevail and that the enemy will not remove them out of their positions before God’s purposes for their positions have been realised. Continue reading “Week 20 – Governmental Prayer Watch”

Week 19 – Governmental Prayer Watch

29 Sept – 6 October 2019: Click here to download Week 19 Prayer points


Next months strike upheaval in economy
“Blessed are they who maintain justice, who constantly do what is right.” (Psalm 106 3 NIV)
Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.Acts 4:12 | KJV |

 We pray today that men would find salvation in these times, that God would move sovreignly on our economy and that God would be glorified in this nation. Continue reading “Week 19 – Governmental Prayer Watch”

3 Days of Corporate Prayer: 22 – 24 September 2019




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(You can also download prayer points at www.ifsaprayer.co.za or www.jwipn.com)


Acts 17:26-31 (NKJV) And He has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth, and has determined their pre-appointed times and the boundaries of their dwellings, [27] so that they should seek the Lord, in the hope that they might grope for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us; [28] for in Him we live and move and have our being, as also some of your own poets have said, ‘For we are also His offspring.’ [29] Therefore, since we are the offspring of God, we ought not to think that the Divine Nature is like gold or silver or stone, something shaped by art and man’s devising. [30] Truly, these times of ignorance God overlooked, but now commands all men everywhere to repent, [31] because He has appointed a day on which He will judge the world in righteousness by the Man whom He has ordained. He has given assurance of this to all by raising Him from the dead. “God made all people from one blood (Eph. 3:6, Col 1:20). Continue reading “3 Days of Corporate Prayer: 22 – 24 September 2019”

Week 17 – Governmental Prayer Watch

16 – 22 September 2019: Click here to download Week 17 prayer points

 Isaiah 59 – Please read and meditate during this week. 

1. Social uprising/Union Activity -Proverbs 31:9 – Open your mouth, judge righteously, defend the rights of the poor and needy.

Week 16 – Governmental Prayer Watch


  • We must repent for the way that we as South Africans have treated foreigners Jeremiah 7:6-7
  • We stand against the anarchy and rebellion against authority Romans 13:1-2. Pray against lawlessness, pray for submission.
  • Isaiah 3:5 was a judgement the Lord unleashed on Judah and Jerusalem. Pray that the judgement we have unleashed on ourselves by our actions (including idolatry) be reversed, as we repent. Isaiah 3:10-11.
  • Femicide is a serious problem in our nation. Pray for wisdom to deal with it from the roots, and not just dealing the symptoms. Daniel 2:22. Pray that God changes the hearts of men (both men and women) in our society Jeremiah 17:9, Matthew 11:29.

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