• Jesus we repent for being asleep in prayer and not guarding the gates of the seats of authority over South Africa. Forgive us for not dealing with the sins in ourselves and the generations we come from as South Africans.

  • Forgive us for seeing people who have not had clean hands and pure hearts. Have mercy on us and wake us up, according to Proverbs 24v 4
  • Forgive us for swearing deceitfully and forgive us for the spilling of blood – Isaiah 59v 3
  • Forgive us for taking bribes and for dishonesty and for trusting in our own lies- Isaiah 59v4
  • Forgive us for shedding innocent blood and walking on paths filled with our own iniquities.
  • Forgive us Jesus and come and cleanse us from our own sins in our own bloodlines. 1 John 1:9
  • Forgive us as a nation for walking in the same path and we ask that you have mercy on us for them.
  • Forgive us for those in the seats of authority and for those in the seats of power and render their wicked practises powerless. We ask that you remove those that are walking in the darkness from our government and we call forth authorities who fear you Lord Jesus to replace them. We ask that South Africa be re-synchronised to the will and timing of Lord’s plan for our country and that true justice. And forgive us in walking in blindness that has made us foolish and resist and pull down those who are proud and haughty. We pray for forgiveness over them and bless them with true salvation of deliverance from evil, release your holy spirit over them and bring those who will repent back to you.
  • We ask for mothers to be awake and to declare the blood of Jesus over their children. as mothers we ask first of all for the closing of the gateway to drugs into South Africa as we stand for our children and for the kingdom of God.   We pray this in Jesus ‘name and we trust that you will return our land to South Africa and to its people.