National Fast: 21 January – ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT

The creative Arts and Entertainment world of culture were fashioned and formed by Our Creator God. In allowing these to become perverted and pursuing the counterfeit we have opened ourselves, and built a culture and brought a message that is contradictory to our Creator God’s divine intention, plan and purpose. This medium either positively or negatively is wield great power and influence over our present and future generation.
  1. As a church let us repent as a nation for not being accountable in these areas. For allowing compromise to creep in and entertaining a culture that glorifies and elevates prideful man and the use of sex, drugs, alcohol and other perversions.
  2. Pray for restoration and revival of a creative vision and culture that aligns us to our Creator God and His rightful place and position in order that His kingdom purpose may be established.
  3. Pray for the increase and establishment of righteous men and women unafraid to challenge the status quo.  Willing to use their God-given talent and creativity to make inroads in the arts and entertainment arena for evangelism.
  4. Gifted artisans in all fields to influence and bring a strong, creative and powerful spirit filled message that will speak to a lost, broken world desperately in need of healing, deliverance and peace thus enabling them to find answers to their many questions.

1. Exodus 20:3-6
2. Exodus 31:1-6
3. Matthew 6:33
4. Joel 2:28