An Urgent Word for the Nation of South Africa!

March 26, 2018 Veronika West – Ireland

I heard the Spirit say, “Watch!  For I have raised up a Moses in this hour in the nation of South Africa who will lead My People out of captivity and into the land of promise and abundance.

For surely I tell you, My Courts have been filled with the sound of the cries of My Esthers going forth across the land: ‘Let My People go!  Let My People go!’
Now watch as My Spirit of Retribution and Restoration begins to move and shift the spiritual atmosphere over the nation!

For there is a new sound rising from the land.  It is the sound of a mighty deliverance.

It is the sound of vindication and victory over the enemies of My People!


For the walls are coming down and seven times I shall restore what has been lost and stolen, and seven times I shall revive what has been dead and decayed, and seven times I shall replant and rebuild what has been uprooted and destroyed,” says God.


For even as My Hand moved to make a way through the Red Sea, taking My People across on dry land, so shall My Hand now move to make a way for My People in the nation of South Africa.

For I shall take them across on dry land and they shall look back and see that their enemies who threatened to overtake and overwhelm them have been swallowed up by the waves of my great mercy and justice,” says the Spirit of God.


For a new day will dawn over the nation of South Africa as My Sceptre of Favour and My Sword of Justice falls upon the land.

I tell you my beloved, a great awakening is coming to the nations of the earth.
Eyes have not seen and minds have not conceived what I AM about to do in the nations of the earth.

For the books have been opened and the Scales of Justice have shifted, for now is the time of divine recompense and restoration in the earth.


For the gift of repentance is now being poured out upon My People in this hour, and their tears shall fill the golden bowls and their prayers will fill My nostrils like a sweet fragrance,” says God.


For the Government of Heaven is now being established in the nations of the earth.

My servant kings are rising up in greater, Power, Authority and Kingdom revelation in the nations!”

Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West