About Us


SOUTH AFRICA BACK TO GOD is an initiative by Janet Brann Hollis. Janet is a well-recognised prophetess who has travelled internationally for 20 years, ministering the word of the Lord across a large spectrum of the globe.

Not only is she known as a strong teacher, but she is well known for her in depth accuracy of prophetic word, and specialises in assisting pastors/leaders in the raising up of the local church prophet and establishing prophetic teams. Janet has a strong team of prophets that are part of her ministry teams, they have been raised to teach and minister the word of the Lord with integrity and accuracy.

In 2010 she married her husband Bill, a businessman who has a passion and calling to develop men and woman in the marketplace. Bill is a good teacher and has a strong motivational thrust, enabling men and woman to understand that they are called to the marketplace as God’s ministers, to release the Kingdom of God in the secular environment.

Together they also spearhead Ruach Ministries, a Prophetic Marketplace Ministry called to equip the body of Christ in hearing God.

Janet Brann-Hollis

Below are excerpts of prophetic words spoken over Janet and Bill

“My new purpose for you will not only affect the church world and the business world and the 7 Kingdoms of this world. I have brought you forth to be a minister for me, a voice for me, a kingdom influencer and a kingdom demonstrator. You will demonstrate my kingdom, establish my kingdom and bring my people into kingdom power and kingdom reality, daughter!

In fact you will be called upon to speak to leaders in places, in the religious realm and the business realm and the political realm and your voice will go forth and be the voice of the Lord, and the Lord says I am going to accomplish everything I have ordained for you. I have brought you together, I am going to perfect that which concerns you and I am going to work all the little details.” Dr Bill Hamon

“I see that you are going to build apostolically and prophetically into the lives of people. You are going to build presidents, you are going to build apostles, and men and woman of government and you are going to speak the wisdom and direction into their lives.” Prophet Kobus Bezuidenhout

“And the Lord says, I am moving you up a notch to touch leaders within the nation says God. There is going to be a new season of favour even with leaders in the nation. I am putting the Baraks around the Deborah, says the Lord and they will help fight the battle, to go with it.” Prophet Steve Schultz