DATES: 4TH-24TH January 2016

JOEL 1:14, DANIEL 9:3-4


Dear Friend

This is the time whereby we set ourselves aside to seek God on our 21 day fast, for our nation, and for our own particular needs.  I highly recommend the following books for your perusal:

Fasting and Prayer – Derek Prince

Fasting – Jentzen Franklin


The following is a suggested prayer and fasting guideline.  As we all pray the same points on the same day this makes our fast highly effective.

  1. As a nation, repentance for our turning away from our God
  2. As a nation, prayer for a restoration of our alignment to Israel
  3. As a nation, the silencing of all Anarchistic voices who are planning mass upheaval in 2016 and the weakening of these mass movements that result in destabilization in the nation
  4. For speedy resolutions and successful collective bargaining that will render strikes and its losses in our nation ineffective
  5. For unity as a nation regardless of race.
  6. Fair and equitable labour practices
  7.  For continued Religious Freedom in our nation
  8. The  church and its leaders to awaken from their backslidden state, and arise to be a voice within SA
  9. For the prophetic voice to be heard in government, for Joseph’s and Daniels to arise in our Government
  10. For the 2016 Local Government Elections – a change in political leadership, for godly men/parties of wisdom and honor
  11. Voting to be fair, free from corrupt practices with no vote rigging….
  12. For positive media coverage for all parties that represent SA and its voters Kingdom.  For men of wisdom, skill and integrity – Kingdom appointments within each party
  13. . For an effective change of government in our nation – 2018 national elections
  14. For the stability of the economy of this nation  – for a free market economy, resulting in job creation, removal of poverty
  15. The removal of corrupt leadership in government and business
  16. The protection of SA against ISIS and its recruits in our nation
  17. For the abatement of extreme weather patterns in our nation, and the protection for our farmers
  18. For the protection of the family unit in our nation, the restoration of fatherhood in our nation.  For our justice system and the speedy prosecution of lawbreakers.
  19. For the education system in our nation, the gospel to be taught in our schools and the protection of our youth from every perverse power & principality
  20.  For the cultural and religious traditions of men that render the gospel powerless in many believers’ lives to become ineffective, that believers eyes would be opened, to every false doctrine of man.
  21. For yourself, your family, your pastoral leadership, that you may all come into the fullness of the knowledge of the will of God, teaching generations to come the pure and unadulterated word of God
  22. For the Kingdom of God to be established in our nation, our family and in every one of the above points we are praying for.


The basis of our prayers are found in the following scriptures:


  1.  11 Chronicles 7:14, Psalm 2:8
  2.  Genesis 12:3
  3. Proverbs 17:11,12
  4. Proverbs 1:1-5, Proverbs 11:14
  5. Acts 17:26
  6. Ecclesiastes 2:21/24
  7. Matthew 24:14
  8.  Matthew 24:9 – 13
  9. Hosea 12:13, Amos 3:7
  10. Romans 13:6, Deut 1:9-18
  11.  2 Corinthians 8:21
  12. Isaiah 21:2 -4, Ezekiel 13:7, Habakkuk 2:2
  13.  Isaiah 9:6  Psalm 10:2, Prov 24:19,20,
  14. Psalm 104:23, Psalm 128:2
  15.  Proverbs 28:15
  16.  Psalm 91, Isaiah 54:14
  17.  Deut 28:12, Leviticus 26:4
  18.  Malachi 4:6 1 Tim1:8-9, Deut 11:19-21
  19.  Deut 11:19-21
  20.  Matthew 24:14, Matthew 15:6
  21. Deut 32:46-47
  22. Matthew 6:9-10